The Motorized Pergola: The Best Way to Experience the Outdoors.


What sets a motorized pergola apart as an upgrade, for outdoor spaces? It’s the ease of adjusting sunlight and protection with a push of a button. This blog aims to walk you through the features, advantages and factors to consider when selecting a motorized pergola. 

The Motorized Pergola transforms how people experience their outdoor living spaces.

Just picture hosting a summer get together in your area where you have control, over how much sunlight bathes your deck. Imagine yourself immersing in a book on an afternoon in the coziness of your backyard enjoying just the right amount of shade to feel at ease. These moments of relaxation are made achievable by StruXure’s motorized louvered pergolas. These structures improve your living space by providing levels of shade and light based on personal preferences turning it into a versatile sanctuary.

However there’s more, than comfort at play. Struxure’s adjustable pergolas boast smart technology features that grant you effortless control over the atmosphere through remote control. This not only eliminates the need for adjustment of louvers but also includes sensors in some models that automatically respond to changes in weather conditions – closing during rain or opening when skies clear – offering unmatched convenience and sophistication in any outdoor environment. The seamless incorporation of these controls positions motorized louvered pergolas as desirable luxury upgrades for any outdoor living area.


Struxure Residential Motorized Pergolas have Superior Innovative Technology

In the realm of enhancements Struxure stands out for its advancements. Their Residential Motorized Pergolas embody this innovation with features such, as synchronized louver movement and top of the line motors that enhance control over your living spaces. This enables you to customize the pergola setting according to preferences and needs.

Struxures innovative technological enhancements go beyond adjusting features. They greatly improve the functionality of your living space. Picture a patio where you can customize elements, like:

  • Acoustics
  • Heating Elements
  • Cooling Fans
  • Illumination Options
  • Misting Mechanisms

With such comprehensive customization prospects, it’s no surprise that Struxure’s motorized pergolas are distinguished in their field, catering perfectly to those who seek an elevated experience in their open-air quarters.

StruXure’s automated louvered roof revolutionizes your outdoor living space

At the heart of these motorized pergolas is the automated roof, which has revolutionized outdoor living by offering:

  • The ability to personalize shade and protection according to your preferences.
  • Ensuring your exterior space remains inviting regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Control over sunlight exposure allowing you to adjust the roof for comfort and safety during days or rainy spells.

You can regulate sunlight levels and airflow thanks, to its slats or louvers. The combination of versatility and sophistication in your outdoor oasis is highlighted when using a motorized louvered roof system with an integrated gutter network.


The Motorized Pergola has Customizable Options to Wow Friends and Family When Entertaining Outdoors

One of the benefits of pergolas is their ability to be tailored to suit your preferences. These structures can be adjusted to match your style and enhance the design aspects of your space. Whether you prefer the appeal of a pergola or opt for a freestanding or attached one you can create a structure that seamlessly blends with your exterior surroundings.

These modern versions come with a range of features designed to make any outdoor gathering unforgettable for guests. Motorized pergolas by StruXure allow you control features such as lighting, heating elements for warmth and retractable screens for privacy and weather protection all with the touch of a button or voice commands. These luxurious smart features are aimed at enhancing comfort and impressing visitors with functionality, in your sleek and stylish outdoor area.


This Motorized Louvered Pergola is an Adjustable Roof Engineered for Versatility

motorized louvered pergola features a dynamic roof that is designed to be fully adjustable. This adaptability of louvered pergolas makes them perfect for various outdoor scenarios and personal preferences, from soaking up the sunlight, to seeking shelter in a shaded area, or shielding your patio furnishings from rainfall.

When the winds pick up, if you opt to have privacy screens, you can easily – with a touch of a button or voice command – close the screens to enclose your pergola from the weather elements.

This type of pergola allows for extensive customization options. You can tailor it according to size requirements, select your desired color scheme for the louvers, and decide if you prefer it as an independent structure or connected directly to your home. The possibilities for crafting with motorized louvered pergolas are limitless when designing with StruXure.

For those contemplating an upgrade on their backyard design or aiming at elevating their current open-air environment, installing a motorized louvered pergola could serve as both an elegant and practical enhancement to any outdoor space.

The Pergola X Louvers Roof System is Durable and Made with Quality Materials in the USA

For those looking to enhance their space or upgrade their backyard design installing a motorized louvered pergola can add both style and functionality. The Pergola X louvers roof system is crafted from powder coated aluminum ensuring longevity and resistance against mold, pests and warping – making it a reliable choice, for any setting.

Furthermore the motorized louvered roof system provides a range of advantages:

  • It requires low maintenance due to its build and materials.
  • It lets you enjoy time in your area, without having to get up and physically adjust the roof.
  • It reduces the time and energy needed for up keep.

Whether you reside in an area with weather conditions like snow loads or a mild climate StruXure’s louvered roof system can endure the elements while offering a fashionable and comfortable outdoor living space.

When Considering a Motorized Pergola Customers Want it to Compliment Their Existing Home Architecture

It is crucial to ensure that a new pergola or any other outdoor structure harmonizes with your homes architecture. The Pergola X or Cabana X Models can enhance both the appearance and functionality of your space adding to your property’s overall appeal.

Struxure understands the importance of this integration. Their lineup of Motorized Pergolas is designed to blend with architectural styles and natural surroundings. Whether your home features design elements or follows aesthetics, there is an ideal Struxure Motorized Pergola that can enhance harmony with both your residence and its surroundings—elevating not only visual charm but also adding value to it.

Motorized Pergola from Struxure have an Incredible Warranty

Struxure understands the importance of standing behind their Motorized Pergolas with their Limited Lifetime Warranty:

  • This warranty provides assurance.
  • Ensures that your purchase reflects quality.

It covers aspects of the pergola to ensure you receive top notch customer service and support in case of any issues. Opting for a Struxure Motorized Pergola is more, than buying a product; it’s about securing a promise of excellence, durability and exceptional customer service.

Struxure has a Proven Track Record for Award Winning Motorized Louvered Pergola Designs

Struxure stands out not for its technology and high quality products but also for its acclaimed designs. The brand consistently introduces motorized louvered models that have been recognized in the industry.

Each model in Struxure’s Pergola X lineup from Pivot 6 to Pan 6 features characteristics tailored to preferences. For instance the Pivot 6 boasts louvers that can rotate up to 170 degrees while the Pivot 6 Slide offers a system with both fully retractable louvers— all with customer satisfaction, as a key focus.

Choosing a Struxure Motorized Louvered Pergola means selecting an award-winning product known for superior functionality and visual appeal. They’re designed to meet Florida’s stringent hurricane codes, as well as withstand heavy snow loads in the cold of winter. Plus, each Pergola X is fabricated and powder coated to order, made to exact specifications, which makes for a better fit and finish and a cleaner looking system.

StruXure’s Motorized Pergola with Remote Control is Increasingly Popular this Time of Year

As the weather warms up more people are showing interest in StruXure’s motorized pergolas with remote control features. These outdoor shelters offer a way to enjoy the outdoors comfortably whether you want to soak up the sun or relax in a shaded area.

When it gets cold in those spring evenings without having to get up from your lounging area, you are able to with a push of the button, turn on the heating system within your Pergola X. Adjusting your outdoor setting is simple with the remote controlled motorized pergola.

Once the summer months start to heat up, you can just as easily turn on your mister machines to get some relaxing cooling sensations on those hot summer days. Not only are you easily able to change the shade options, but all other elements of your pergola can be adjusted easily with the Pergola X’s smart home technology. 

Reach out to your Struxure dealer today to explore the options available and select the motorized pergola for your outdoor space. Transforming your area into an versatile retreat has never been easier, so act now and contact your local Struxure dealer!

Automated Louvered Roof System

The standout feature of Struxure’s motorized pergolas is their Automated Louvered Roof System, which combines flexibility, comfort and elegant design. This system allows for control over sunlight exposure and ventilation thanks to its pivot technology and adjustable slats that can be angled, up to 170 degrees.

With attention to detail, you can create the ambiance for any outdoor gathering or activity. This automated system offers features such as weather sensors, smartphone compatibility, and wireless remote controls. The convenience provided by these options enhances the appeal of Struxures Automated Louvered Roof System found in their range of pergolas.

Lighting in the Pergola X and Cabana X can set any ambiance with a simple voice command, our patent-pending TraX system, through its unique design, can hold the components and wiring for screens and lighting, both of which are safely separated within the TraX channels within your Pergola X system. These innovative features that are offered in StruXure products set the new standard of luxury for your backyard oasis.


Struxure’s Pergola X brings elegance and functionality to spaces redefining living experiences. With shade settings, functionalities, and durable construction these pergolas offer a fresh approach to enjoying your beautiful outdoor oasis. Whether hosting a summer barbecue or enjoying moments in your dream backyard, they provide a setting for various activities. Take action now. Each Pergola X is fabricated and powder coated to order, made to exact specifications, which makes for a better fit and finish and a cleaner looking system. Contact your StruXure Dealer to transform your outdoor living area into a serene and comfortable retreat to enjoy for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

An outdoor structure known as a motorized pergola features an adaptable roof or louvers that you can remotely manage to adjust the amount of sunlight and ventilation in your outdoor space, making it an ideal and flexible addition to enhance your experience of outdoor living.

The automated adjustable roof system operates by using louvers that can be adjusted to control sunlight exposure and airflow. It can be controlled through methods such as weather sensors, wireless remote controls, any smart devices and even voice commands.

Each Pergola X is a work of art, constructed with care and attention to every little detail. Motorized pergolas by Struxure are distinguished for their cutting-edge technology, a variety of customization choices, and robust build utilizing premium materials. These elements ensure enhanced longevity and superior control over the pergolas. The advances in technology really set StruXure Pergolas in a category of their own.

Each Pergola X is manufactured entirely in the U.S. by American workers, who take great pride in what they do. Our team of people really cares and is passionate about building the best system made — and that dedication shows in the beauty and quality of all our products.

Our goal is to give you the strongest, most durable system on the market today. That’s why every StruXure system is constructed from fully-extruded aluminum and stainless steel components. The Smart Motor drive system that powers our designs is made by Somfy and is UL and CE certified.

Struxure provides an exceptional warranty for their motorized pergolas, safeguarding multiple aspects of the structure to guarantee consumer satisfaction. To view the limited lifetime warranty in its entirety please click here.

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