Pergola X model breakout of product components

We often get asked, “What’s so special about StruXure’s products; aren’t all pergolas and cabanas essentially the same?” While the intent behind these types of shade structures might have you thinking one is like all others, there are vast differences among brands and products. We’re not only referring to color choices and sizes, but also to materials, constructability, design integrity, and add-on components. These are, in fact, the elements that set our Pergola X and Cabana X models apart from all other pergolas and cabanas on the market. To better explain to our dealers and customers how to assess our products, we have broken out the five areas of StruXure’s pergolas and cabanas—platform, canopy, appearance, backdrop, and experience—making it much easier to understand the advantages of purchasing a StruXure Pergola X or Cabana X. We think this overview will also help answer the question above once and for all.

The Platform

We set the stage for our products with our unique frames. Starting with the first-generation Pergola X, made of durable powder-coated aluminum, we designed value-added posts and beams. For instance, our patented 360-degree gutter system has been built into the perimeter beams to receive water that runs off the louvers when closed. We later added the TraX™ system for our beams and posts, which can hold the components and wiring for screens and lighting, all of which are safely separated within the TraX™ channels. Our development team is currently working on a Pergola X “smart frame,” which will address new modular configurations. And our 10’x10’ Cabana X frames, while not as all-encompassing, already have the capability to be joined in modular arrangements.

The Canopy

Next, we look at StruXure’s overhead system, which we call the canopy. To date, the most recognized feature of our products has been the automated pivoting louvers. For Pergola X, the louvers are designed to interlock when closed for a watertight seal. The louvers are also installed in zones, with a programmable remote control that lets you pivot a single zone or all zones together. But we offer more than the standard louver zones; we also have a Slide option, which opens like a sunroof for full sky exposure, if desired. Furthermore, we can configure empty zones (no louvers), slat zones (stationary slats), or pan zones (solid roof). Another feature of the canopy is our stealth X-Drive motor, which quietly provides an extended range of motion to the louvers, not found in other pivoting-louver products.

The Appearance

We believe appearance matters, which is why we have developed extra components that can be added to our classic Pergola X. Introduced in 2023, our Covers & Collars hide exposed fasteners on the posts and beams. This means our modern design is even more refined for the perfect, sleek finish. But “modern” isn’t our only option. Add our RISE enhancement, which is likened to crown molding, at the top of the platform to further customize your structure. There are several configurations for RISE, giving owners the ability to design the exact aesthetic to fit their style.

The Backdrop

The backdrop refers to enhancements that take our structures to the next level—think curtains, screens, panels, and more. The addition of retractable screens to our Pergola X gives added protection from weather and insects. For Cabana X, curtain rods and curtains offer additional privacy. We have created a slide-in panel system that lets consumers customize their Pergola X or Cabana X even further. Also made of durable, powder-coated aluminum, our panels come in several designs (slats, angled slats, standard die-cut, and custom die-cut), with the goal of giving more options to personalize your outdoor space. And, since our R&D team seems to never sleep, stay tuned for even more backdrop options in the future.

The Experience

Perhaps our biggest initiative to differentiate our products from others relates to the overall experience. We’ve never considered our pergolas and cabanas “just shade structures.” Rather, we are constantly innovating to make outdoor living and entertaining the most enjoyable experience possible. An example of the experience we offer through our products is the addition of lighting. We already offer down lights that can be seamlessly installed into our platform, as well as LED strip lights that can be run horizontally or vertically in the platform. Our previously-mentioned X-Drive, that quiets the motion of the pivoting louvers, adds a sense of peacefulness to the experience. And we have additional experience assets in the works, including a sound system that will be integrated with the lights and will be programmable through our exclusive app.

If you really want to know what kind of pergola or cabana you are getting, learn about StruXure’s five areas – platform, canopy, appearance, backdrop, and experience. Then compare StruXure products to the competition. It will become very clear that all cabanas and pergolas are not the same.

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