Pergola X with TraX lighting around pergola frame with green glowing lights around pergola louvers

Anyone who has ever taken cover under a tree or sought out the shadow of a tall building for a reprieve from the sun’s unrelenting rays understands the concept of a pergola. It’s about shade! But there are many other benefits when you invest in the right pergola, including the new smart pergola that is just hitting the market.

Ancient pergola design—an open framework roof atop supporting posts—hasn’t chaznged all that much through the centuries. What has changed is technology, and it is technology, when applied to the pergola concept, that has taken the shade structure to a whole new level.

Why You Need a Pergola

Let’s break down some of the benefits of a pergola:

Benefit #1 – Providing shade to a backyard space, or even a commercial patio or deck, is often the number one reason for adding a pergola to one’s home or business, and rightly so, since it can substantially increase the use of one’s outdoor space. How many people do you know (perhaps you are one of them) who claim they would spend a lot more time in their backyard if only it had more shade? A pergola can definitely fill that need, and in so doing brings you and your family closer to the proven therapeutic advantages of spending time in nature.

Benefit #2 – Creating found space on your very own property is another benefit of a pergola. We all learned in 2020 that spending all day every day at home, particularly with a family, brought with it some challenges, not the least of which was how to separate workspace from play / entertainment space. A pergola can provide a place for an outdoor office, a playroom, a  yoga den, outdoor dining, and so much more. And it’s a great deal cheaper than building onto your home.

Benefit #3 – A pergola can help define your backyard. Many people consider adding an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, or other outdoor amenities, but aren’t sure about placement. Starting with a pergola can help delineate outdoor zones. When you start with a shade-producing pergola, other elements of outdoor living begin to reveal themselves. For instance, perhaps you’ve thought of adding a pergola, particularly a customizable smart pergola, just outside of your back door. What would happen if you increase the coverage area, so when you add an outdoor kitchen or fireplace, those amenities can be used year-round (yes, even during less than perfect weather conditions). Or maybe a small pergola is all you have space for. Once ideal placement is determined, you start to see where a fire pit or garden could go and how those functions will be better utilized because there is a protective pergola nearby.

Benefit #4 – A pergola can increase the value of your home. Provided you invest in a long-lasting, durable pergola—or better yet, a smart pergola—it will pay dividends when you sell your home. In fact, some real estate professionals are suggesting that installing a pergola in the backyard is on par with kitchen and bathroom upgrades when it comes to selling a home.

Do Your Research

Clearly, the benefits of a pergola are enormous. Taking time to research options, including the aforementioned smart pergola that uses technology to expand the functionality beyond that of any ordinary pergola, will lead you to the best solution for your particular needs.

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