Pergolas have been around for centuries. Historians have helped us understand, based on the pergola’s placement in gardens and over walkways between buildings, that the pergola’s primary purpose was to provide shade without the need for a solid-roof. Delivering shade remains the pergola’s primary purpose today, but with a twist.

The modern-day pergola has louvers instead of static slats, leading some to reference it as a “louvered pergola.” By creating a way for the louvers to pivot, the pergola can be used all day, not just when the sun’s angle best coincides with the stationary slats’ position. While there are some manual louvered pergolas—typically those which use a turning rod to pivot the louvers—today’s louvered pergola typically has a motor to automatically rotate the louvers at the touch of a button. It is this new level of technology and some clever design modifications that really distinguish an average pergola from a superior one.

How StruXure Became the Leader in Automated Pergola Design

A decade ago, StruXure began its louvered pergola journey when founder Scott Selzer was searching for a shade structure that didn’t seem to exist on the market—one with a roof that would pivot open and closed as needed to keep the sun’s harshest rays at bay—so he decided to design his own. Quickly realizing there was a much bigger demand for his product than a single customer, he set the wheels in motion to manufacture the perfect automated louvered pergola. Selzer and his team knew that a one-size-fits-all product was not going to cut it. In fact, a customizable pergola was critical. Connecting zones of pivoting louvers to operate in tandem was also important, as was creating a louver shape and gutter system that would provide a water-tight structure.

Continued innovation led to discoveries like how posts and beams could be configured on the inside to separate wiring from water run-off, or how they could conceal motorized screens to provide a highly functional and aesthetically clean-lined louvered pergola. It was a never-stop-innovating-mission that has led StruXure to become the leader in the industry.

Creating the First Smart Pergola

Selzer and his team are always looking for better ways to bring the indoors out. They soon realized that incorporating technology meant more than simply adding lights, fans, and screens to their louvered pergola systems. In fact, they recognized that technology was the key to creating a “smart pergola.”

What is a smart pergola? It’s taking a louvered pergola to the next level. While it’s super cool and convenient to be able to use a remote control device to open and close a pergola’s louvers, the StruXure team began investigating what could be done with a custom app that could connect the smart pergola to weather forecasts and activate the louvers on their own, or system that could respond to voice commands? These innovations were the turning point (no pun intended) of moving from a louvered roof pergola, to a smart pergola.

Find Out More

It is important to do your homework when looking to invest in a pergola. What was the standard for a very long time, has become quite rudimentary. Wood will never go out of style for some consumers, but technology has opened up the possibilities for shade structures beyond anything the earliest pergola designers could have ever imagined.

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