Introducing the Adjust-a-Pergola

Detail of pergola louvers with green trees and blue sky peeking through

The Adjust-A-Pergola is an innovative do-it-yourself kit that transforms a new or existing pergola into an Adjustable Pergola. The DIY kit provides everything you need to add functionality and versatility to an upcoming pergola project. Transforming an existing pergola into an extraordinary adjustable pergola is easy – just six simple steps. An instructional video on the adjust-a-pergola site will walk you through the process and toll-free technical support is available over the phone. Feel free to call Adjustable Patio Covers number for help too!

Traditional pergolas or lattice patio covers cannot provide the shade you are looking for on a hot summer day. The completed adjust-a-pergola allows you to enjoy all the shade and protection of a louvered roof with the lovely look of a garden arbor. With the Adjust-A-Pergola kit you could build/transform a pergola that lets you decide the exact amount of light you want to let in… With a quick adjustment, you could position the louvers so that you were in complete shade or full sun! Open the slats to bask in the warm rays of the sun, close them to put cooling coverage overhead or adjust them to something in between for a combination of both.  Finally, with one ingenious product, you have access to the whole range of outdoor lighting possibilities.