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Lovely outdoor patio with drink station, dining table and chairs, and sofa seating in distance urge beige automated pergola system with curtains

Summer is the best time to enjoy the great outdoors – as long as you can enjoy it in the shade! From retractable awning to trusty old umbrellas, there are plenty of ways to add more shade to your yard but the Struxure roof is by far the best. Our roofs can offer home and business owners complete shade coverage at nearly every time of day with 180 degrees of adjustability as well as seal-and-lock options for drizzly days. Rain or shine, our louvered covers provide trustworthy weather protection. Best of all, they’re built exactly to your specifications. Read on to learn all about the many great ways you can design your Struxure Roof!

With Existing Structures OR Standalone

Our system can be attached to an existing structure or erected as a standalone unit. Attached roofs are easy to build out over decks and first floor patios while standalone pergolas are perfect for secret garden patios, cool poolside cabanas and even commercial patio spaces. With either build style, you’ll be able to choose a fabulous column finish for the unit’s main supports and decide whether you’d like one flat set of louvers or a peaked, A-frame patio cover.

In a Standard Color OR Custom Finished

Our lightweight aluminum system features three standard colors options (white, beige, and bronze) capable of complimenting almost any architecture. For those unique applications, such as outside of restaurants or behind beach bungalows, we have thousands of custom colors available. The dynamic aluminum material can accept a huge variety of finishes including paint, powders and plating. For instance, a chemical textured powder coat makes a more scratch resistant surface, while giving it a more organic-looking matte finish.

Simple Shade OR Accessorized to the Nines   

One of the benefits of having an adjustable roof on your porch or patio is that you’re able to incorporate Struxure accessories like ceiling fans, sun shades and lighting. The openings between the louvers already allow air to circulate which naturally leaves your outdoor living space at a more comfortable temperature. Add a central fan or mini fan to that and your porch will be just like an indoor living space in the middle of nature! Other shade structures can’t be customized like this!

Incomparable Quality

So far, we’ve described the endless variety of our products. It seems like no two units are exactly alike! But there are some things that can be counted on from unit to unit such as our completely extruded aluminum system that’s environmental, lightweight, strong, flexible and non-corrosive – in a few words, totally weatherproof! No matter the finish, our roofs are highly reflective to better shield living areas from light and radiation. We are constantly perfecting our product through technology, design, personalization potential and quality. What we’re trying to say is… our products represent customization you can count on, even when the going gets hot!

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