Your Space, Doubled

Fresh air. Clear views. Good times.

Your Space, Doubled

Fresh air. Clear views. Good times.

Expand your greatest asset.

The Pergola X helps businesses expand, by optimizing the property they already own. Adding a pivoting-louver system over outdoor seating—a durable system that can fully close, and is operated using smart technology—means more revenue and greater comfort for patrons, rain or shine.

•  Pivot 6 XL
•  Pivot 6 Slide
•  Pan 6

Trusted Industry Leader

Simply put, StruXure offers a superior product, which has made us the industry leader in customizable automated louvered-roof systems.

Go Big or Go Home

We made this our mantra as we designed larger components befitting a system that could cover more expansive spaces. The same smart pergola, only bigger.

Unmatched Customization

Whether customizing the style of your Pergola X through color selection and architectural detail add-ons, or choosing accessories, like heaters, fans, and special lighting, you can create the type of outdoor space that reflects the kind of business you’ve always wanted to be.

Grow Your Clientele and Revenue

Need more seating? Enhanced guest comfort? How about a new or improved revenue stream? Whatever the aspiration, the Pergola X will bolster your business growth.

See It In Action

Visit our case studies page to see how the Pergola X has transformed lives.

Intuitive Technology

It thinks for you, so you don't have to.

Take Your Business Outside

See how Pergola X can transform your business.