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One of the best features of the Arcadia adjustable roofing system is how customizable it is. The variety of finishes and styles available for you to choose from lets you incorporate your deck or patio cover into the current architectural style of your home. Just a few of the customizing choices you’ll get to make when building your patio cover are how you will position it, what color you will make it, how you want the columns to look and which add-ons you want to include.


The first thing you have to decide when designing your new roof will most likely be where you want it to go. Arcadia units can be free-standing, attached to your home’s exterior walls or roof or seamlessly added to another existing structure. Both the attached addition options and the separate, detached route look great and bring convenient light and temperature control to your home or business.

Color and Material

All Arcadia adjustable patio covers are constructed from rust-free 100% aluminum. This lightweight yet durable material comes in a range of attractive colors including white, brown, black and eggshell. Bright white roofs look great with most any building, whether they’re bringing out a home’s charming white trim or adding contrast to a dark wooden edifice. You also have the option of encasing the louvers themselves with wood for a more natural look.

Custom Columns

The roof may be the real star of the patio cover but it’d be nothing without its columns there for support! These columns can be made out of almost any material you can imagine from aluminum and wood to stone and fiberglass. They may be simple, square shapes, classic round towers or multi-faceted. Whether you want to create an elegant Grecian courtyard or finish off a simple Southern-style porch, custom columns will accentuate your personal style.

Fans and Lighting

Ceiling fans and accent lighting can be included with your pergola, enhancing the both the look and feel of your patio.  When shade isn’t enough to ward off heat waves, a ceiling fan will circulate the air around your patio, forcing hot air out and stirring up refreshing summer breezes. Accent lighting will let you relax outside even after the sun sets. Both fans and built-in lighting are great options for entertaining.

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