You’ve decided to buy a pergola that’s going to stand up to weather. You like the look of wood, but you know that wooden pergolas are high maintenance and you’ve heard they can attract bees. Besides, wouldn’t the ideal pergola have louvers that can open and close to maximize shade? It should also be able to handle the addition of screens, lights, or fans without them looking like an afterthought. Well, look no further. The Pergola X by StruXure will meet all of your expectations and then some, providing the best value for your money. In fact, if you were to make a list of pros and cons of Pergola X, there would be a long list of pros and no cons. Look, we’ll show you!

Pro #1 – Made of Aluminum

Not only is aluminum plentiful and recyclable, but it is one of the strongest nonferrous metals on earth. It can be shaped without breaking or cracking, and the resulting extrusions are surprisingly strong yet are much lighter in weight than iron or steel. Aluminum is also rust resistant, making it highly popular for outdoor furnishings and structures.

Pro #2 – Durable Powder Coat Finish

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that adds a colored powder coat electrostatically. As opposed to paint, which will react to the sun’s UV rays and eventually crack, blister, or fade, a powder coat finish is ultra-durable and will help the product maintain a beautiful finish with very little maintenance.

Pro #3 – Can be matched to your home

Not only does the powder coating process add durability, but it can be formulated into any color imaginable. The Pergola X comes in six standard colors—white, beige, adobe, gray, bronze, and black—but thousands of other custom colors, including wood grains, can be created to complement any home exterior. In addition, corbels are an optional add-on to match homes with a more traditional architectural style.

Pro #4 – Adjustable louvers for shade/sun and ventilation

Traditional pergolas had static louvers, which provided shade at certain times of day, but not all day long. If rain was in the forecast, activities under the pergola had to be moved inside. But a pergola with louvers that pivot to any angle, including fully closed, provides the perfect protection day or night, regardless of weather.

Pro #5 – Built-in technology gives you ultimate control

Technology has definitely played a hand in advancing the functionality of the modern-day pergola. Remote control devices make opening and closing the louvers incredibly easy. Likewise, with the increased popularity of apps on mobile devices, not only can you program your pergola to open and close when you want it to, but you can do so whether you’re under it or out of town. You can also control lights and other add-ons at the touch of a button.

Pro #6 – Weather resistant and weather sensitive

Remember, not all pergolas are created equal. The Pergola X combines design and technology to offer weather resistance in the form of fully-closable louvers and a patented 360-degree gutter system that channels water off the structure into hidden downspouts. It also comes with weather sensors that work in tandem with weather apps, automatically opening the louvers for high winds and closing the louvers for rain.

Pro #7 – Expands living space

An exposed backyard can be great some of the time, but if you really want make use of a backyard year-round, adding an adjustable louvered pergola will provide shelter and versatility. The more comfortable you make your outdoor space the more often you will use it, expanding the livable footprint of your home.

Pro #8 – Add lights, fans, and screens…or don’t

One of the unique features of the Pergola X is the TraX system that conceals and organizes cables within the beams and posts. This lets owners easily add accessories, such as lights, fans, heaters, or screens, with intention. Install the fixtures when you buy your system, or add them later once you decide which accessories are most needed.

Pro #9 – Improves property value

For more than a decade, studies have shown that the most important residential selling feature, besides renovated kitchens and bathrooms, is a home with backyard upgrades, such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and permanent shade structures. What could be better than adding the perfect shade solution to enjoy now, and reaping financial benefits later if you sell your home?

Pro #10 – Return on investment

Lastly, let’s touch on the topic of cost, which some may perceive as a negative. Is price a con? Not if you look at price per use and return on investment. Buying a high-quality product that can be used daily for decades and is’t going to fall apart in a year or two is not only better for your bank account in the long run, but it’s better for the environment.

We know not everyone is in the market for a pergola, but if you are, let us connect you to the nearest dealer in your market so you can see for yourself all the benefits of the beautiful, made-to-last Pergola X.

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