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Alluring. Refined. Limitless.

Set the mood for every moment

Meet the TraX™ System. A fully customizable addition to any StruXure product.

A natural upgrade to our Pergola X, the TraX™ System takes the control you have over your outdoor space to the next level allowing screens and lights to be seamlessly integrated into the anatomy of your pergola.

Free-standing white pergola with TraX lighting and screens over stone patio with dining table and glowing globe lights on grass

/An integrated approach

The same innovative StruXure products, now with more control than ever before.

Through building and maintaining relationships with our valued customers over the years, we began to see a real need. We saw clients contract with third-party electricians to install lights and shades which, by drilling, could potentially compromise the integrity of the Pergola X it was being installed into. So, we got to thinking: what if we could develop a system that fully integrated all of this, and more, into the existing framework that makes up our signature product?

Our patent-pending TraX™ system, through its unique design, can hold the components and wiring for screens and lighting, both of which are safely separated within the TraX™ channels. This can be installed at the time of purchase, or later down the road. Its simple installation is as easy as removing the TraX™ Cap, running the components through the appropriate channels, and replacing the cap. It will appear as though the accessories were there all along.

We’ve tried to think of everything with the TraX™ System, but have also left room for future, yet-to-be-developed accessories, so that your Pergola X is always capable of being updated with the latest and greatest. As always, our commitment is to stay on the cutting edge to provide maximum comfort and control to outdoor spaces.

Maximum control, unparalleled customization.

Enhanced dark outdoor round wood slat table with champagne glasses and flood and tea light with hands pouring champagne in glassStruXure Pergola X with TraX system that includes blue track lights around roof louversPerfect white two-story modern home with black window trim and white louvered-roof pergola with golden light shining through windows at duskBack of boy in blue shirt of blowing bubbles through giant orange bubble ring in backyard with blurred closed umbrella beyond
Enhanced white pergola over white patio furniture with golden light glowing around edges of pivotable louvers with screens partially down on left and view to ocean straight ahead

Integrate the TraX™ System into new designs, or level up an existing Pergola X.

Patent-pending design. There’s nothing else like this on the market.

Supports all Somfy®-compatible screens, so you’re not locked in.

A future-forward cable management system that has unlimited uses.

/Explore the TraX™ System

The TraX™ system is fully integrated into the overall functionality of the Pergola X, whether it’s a new build or an existing structure. The hood allows for the installation of any Somfy®-compatible motorized screen. Now you can adjust both your louvers and your screens for maximum comfort and protection.

Compatible with:
Black Phantom Screens Logo
Black and white Rainier Shade logo
Black and gray Universal MotionScreens logo
Gray on gray Fenetex Retractable Screens logo
Black and gray Progressive Screens logo

..and more

Rendered gray pergola with light strips around frame and screens partially deployed on three sides
  • Pergola X Models


  • 8×8 Hood Track
  • Motorized Screen
  • 8″ Track
  • 8×8 Standard Post

/TraX™ Components

The TraX™ System comes in three sizes, each able to accommodate a different number of cables and configurations of LED strip lights. The TraX 2 (2”), TraX 6 (6”), and TraX 8 (8”) are each sold in 16’, 20’, and 24’ lengths, and can be cut to exact specifications. Each TraX™ can be installed horizontally within the Pergola X beams and/or vertically within the posts.

Metal beam with lens cap and opened end to reveal four round orange plugs stacked in reveal within beam
  • TraX 2
Biggest metal beam opened at end to reveal cable management and strip lighting as part of StruXure's TraX system
  • TraX 8
Double metal beam opened at end to reveal cable management and strip lighting as part of StruXure's TraX system
  • Cable/Wire Management
  • LED Strip Lights
  • TraX Cap
    (Aluminum solid Cover)
  • TraX6
  • TraX Lens Cap
    (Translucent Cover)

/Hood Components

The TraX™ Hood comes in one size, 8”x8”, and can accomodate screens from all Somfy®-compatible screen manufacturers. Caps come in two options: the TraX™ Cap, which is made of aluminum, or the TraX™ Lens Cap, made of frosted polycarbonate.

Alternative section of beam showing strip lighting and retracted screen with weighted edge coming out of beam
  • Motorized Screen
  • LED Strip Lights
  • TraX 8
  • Motorized screen
    bottom weight bar
  • Cavity for motorized
    screen side rails
Close up section of beam showing retracted screen with weighted edge coming out of beam
  • Motorized Screen
    Install any Somfy®-compatible
    motorized screen right into
    the top beam of your Pergola X.
Black filament lightbulb icon

Host any type of gathering with integrated lighting control.

Black sphere with upper and lower swooshes to depict weather icon

When the bugs come out, let the screens come

Black cloud with three short black angled lines beneath deputizing rain icon

Screens offer shade from sunlight and help you control the temperature.

Black cloud with two horizontal cane shapes beneath depicting wind

As new innovations roll out, your system will be ready for easy installation.

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