Fans, Lights and Solar Shades

Traditional-styled, three-level brick home with second floor deck covered by white pergola

When it comes to our louvered roofs, no two roofs are exactly alike! One of the best features of the Arcadia adjustable roofing system is how customizable it is. The variety of finishes and styles available for you to choose from lets you incorporate your deck or patio cover into the current architectural style of your home. Some of the exciting customization opportunities you’ll have when building your patio cover is which add-ons you want to include. These accessory pieces include fans, lights and shades.

Fans and Lights

Ceiling fans and accent lighting can be included with your pergola, enhancing the both the look and feel of your patio. These roof accessories would either hang below the louvers or reside in a corner area of your patio cover. Either way, they are installed in a way that does not interfere with the adjustability of the roof’s louvers. Your louvers will still be able to rotate fully and close up completely. There are many practical benefits to these features. When just shade isn’t enough to ward off heat waves, a ceiling fan will circulate the air around your patio, forcing hot air out and stirring up refreshing summer breezes. Accent lighting will let you relax outside even after the sun sets. You can get a ceiling fan that features a snazzy light fixture in its center or install separate fans and lights. You may want more than one fan or one fan and multiple lights. Plus, you’ll need to determine what style of fan blade most interests you. Wood, aluminum or plastic? Paddle-shaped or leaf-shaped? The possibilities are limitless! Both fans and built-in lighting are great for entertaining too since they allow you to utilize your deck or patio no matter the temperature or time of the day.

Solar Shades

Unbeatable, adjustable sun protection overhead is great but on a scorching summer day, 100% shade coverage is even better. Yes, our louvered roofs close completely. Yes, the louvers can quickly change angles to account for the position of the sun. Still, without shades for the sides of your porch, patio or deck, sunlight can still creep in. This can be a real problem if you happen to have a west-facing porch, for instance. Luckily, with an Arcadia porch cover, there are always solutions. Achieve total solar protection with built-in, retractable, adjustable solar shades! These vertical shades can convert any porch into a perfectly-cooled screen porch with the push of a button!

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