What to Do with an Struxure Outdoor This Summer

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They say that when it’s summertime, the livin’ is easy. With an adjustable louvered roof in your yard, it really is! By giving you more control over your climate, our easy-to-adjust covers open up a whole slew of summer activity possibilities for you and your family. See our suggestions below!

Protect Your Pool Deck

If you’re the proud owner of a private pool, having an adjustable cover over the pool deck will give you somewhere to hang out, sun bathe or soak up some shade when the swimming is done. A louvered roof would also give you somewhere fun to camp out until afternoon summer showers pass on those days that are equal parts sunshine and clouds.

Gather with Friends

A covered patio offers guests a comfortable place to mix and mingle. With a shady Struxure model, they won’t have to wait for the sun to set to enjoy your outdoor living space. They can create shade any time with the push of a button! A roofed-in patio ultimately adds more usable square footage for entertaining around the house.

Relax Under the Stars

On a hot summer day, it’s nice to keep those adjustable louvers fully closed or opened just a crack to maximize your patio’s shade. Once the sun goes down though, it’s time to open the roof up to the sky and enjoy starry nighttime views. A full day of shade followed by an incredible night spent stargazing all on a single porch or patio is really only possible with the Struxure system!

Design an Incredible Oasis

Oftentimes the reason we don’t get the most out of outdoor space is that we haven’t put in any effort to personalize that space. An Adjustable Roofs will inspire you to get creative with your outdoor décor and finishes. With a durable, protective roof overhead, there’s no longer any excuse to continue to avoid picking out new chair cushions and lantern lights.

Savor the Shade

One of our favorite things to do beneath our Struxure patio covers is also one of the simplest – sitting back and enjoying the shade! After an hour of working or playing in the yard, nothing feels better than a rest in the shade with a light breeze blowing.

Add a Fan

If you really want an outdoor area you can use to escape the hot air, you can always accessorize your patio cover with ceiling fans or retractable UV-blocking shades. Transform your porch or patio into a stunning sunroom this summer with climate control extras from Struxure!

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