Wait! Aren’t cabanas a summertime fixture, stationed near a pool or other water feature to provide refuge on a hot day? Many people think so. And, while it’s true cabanas are synonymous with poolside lounging and tropical getaways, today’s smart cabana can be used for so much more than housing wet towels and lounge chairs. It’s about choosing the right cabana—one that’s durable, high-tech, and multi-functional. With the right attributes, a cabana can be used throughout the year. Here are some tips for finding the perfect cabana.

Size Matters

The first question you should ask is, “What size cabana can my space accommodate?” Cabanas come in many sizes; some may even be fully enclosed (think pool house). That makes it important to ascertain how much space you have available for a cabana and how you can make the most of it based on where you locate it. Although the earliest cabanas were veritable waterside pop-up “changing rooms,” cabanas have evolved. In fact, you don’t even need a pool to find a cabana useful. Cabanas can provide shade, privacy, an entertainment space, as well as a place to relax in your outdoor space. Once you decide which cabana fits into your yard and your lifestyle, you are well on your way to a new and improved outdoor living experience.

Straightforward Assembly

When choosing a cabana, make sure you understand the assembly process, because whether you are putting the product together yourself or you’ve enlisted help, if it’s too complicated to install, then you’ll never get to use it. That said, if assembly is too simple—a few poles and a piece of canvas—then be wary about your product’s longevity. Look for a cabana that has foolproof instructions, preferably on an app with videos and narration. Consider how the parts go together. Is this a one-and-done build-out, meaning once it’s in place you can’t move it? Or is the cabana more like a piece of furniture that can be disassembled if need be and shifted to another part of the yard or taken to your next home?

What If It Rains?

Most cabanas have a solid roof be it thatch, canvas, or wood. These materials work fine for a while, but over time can degrade. And while it would be nice to have roof openings to enable airflow, well…you see the problem. Also, you likely want a cabana that will last for years, not one you are having to repair or replace. The cost for that can add up. Look for a cabana made from aluminum with a powder coat finish and with louvers that can pivot open or closed. That way you can control the sun, shade, or rain, and you won’t have to worry that your investment is going to deteriorate.

Easy to Maintain

Which brings us to maintenance. In the world of pergolas and cabanas, wooden structures may be more traditional, but they are certainly not the easiest to maintain. Water and wood are not exactly compatible, so if you intend to erect your cabana near water, be wary. If you want a maintenance free cabana, you should focus on aluminum cabanas with a high-quality powder coat finish. Aluminum doesn’t rust, and when powder coated it doesn’t corrode either. Make sure the parts fit together seamlessly and that you follow the easy cleaning directions to keep the product free of debris and dust, and that’s it! No wood to attract bees and pests, no rot. In fact, if it’s a wood aesthetic you want, aluminum can be coated in a woodgrain finish. Win-win!

Value of Purchase

Unlike a simple yard umbrella, a cabana is a bigger investment, but depending on the cabana you purchase it can be a great one. Consider that a much sturdier, longer-lasting cabana will not only be in use for an extended number of years, but it will get used beyond the summer months. Use it as a yoga studio, a lounge, a place parties, and suddenly you realize you’ve just expanded your living space for a fraction of the cost of a home renovation expansion. Add a heater and lights and you’ve just invested in a space that can be used most days all year long.

Cabana X by StruXure ticks all the right boxes. After years of manufacturing the top pergola in the country, StruXure used its proven fabrication techniques to develop a 10’x10’ powder-coated aluminum cabana with automated pivoting louvers and the strength to withstand a host of weather conditions. Cabana X offers beautiful styling options, durability, and ease of assembly, with no permit required. Our two models both require power to operate the louvers, but our Core+ model has an added light package with color changeable LED lights running through the posts and beams. Curtains and decorative panels can be added to both personalize and privatize the product. Sold through our dealer network and lumberyards, Cabana X can be assembled by professional installers in about 90 minutes following step-by-step instructions on the BILT app. As for value, all you need to do is use the old price-per-use formula and the answer will be clear.  For more information on Cabana X, so to

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