The Newest Addition to Struxure Outdoor Systems: the Struxure Smart Remote Mobile App

A tighter view of corner detail of beige pergola with light fan against forest backdrop

Americans are becoming more comfortable and spending increasing amounts of time on their mobile devices. They are also using several mobile apps throughout the day for communications, information, and purchases. At Struxure we are always thinking about how we can better help our customers and make their lives easier, so we have developed a mobile app to assist Struxure Roof System owners in getting even more out of our product. Welcome to the 21st century! You can now wirelessly control your Struxure Roof System using your iOS smart phone or device. Struxure’s Smart Remote app is designed to work specifically with the Struxure Roof System. No Internet connection is needed, simply enable your iOS device’s Bluetooth and some of our system specific hardware and you will be able to control your Struxure Roof System directly from your mobile devices.

The beautifully designed app features a high definition user interface with stunning backgrounds and password protection allowing you the ability to perform a range of actions on your Struxure Roof System. Through the app you will be able to open and close your system via touchscreen buttons. You can control up to four different zones and 16 motors individually or all together. The app features four preset options to choose from, with each position set by you. Now, depending on the time of the day, you can make a quick touch in the app and your system will move into one of your chosen optimal positions. Multiple weather options will keep your covered area dry and your system safe. You can program your system to close when it detects rain and to open after rains stop. You no longer need to be concerned about winds. With the wind sensor option you can program the app to close at any chosen wind speed and if you live in a hurricane zone, the app’s hurricane mode will allow you to override all timers and sensors and open the system if it gets too windy. Now you can make your smart pergola even smarter with our built in timers and sensors!

You can also access our website and social media sites within the app as well as directly contact us via email. We consider our new mobile app an extension of our top of the line systems and service. We believe that the Struxure Smart Remote app will provide an additional value to your Struxure Roof System and may even become your favorite app. Download our free, Struxure Smart Remote mobile app in the Apple App Store today!

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