StruXure Pergola VS. Awning: Why a Pergola is a Superior Choice for your Backyard!

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Creating your dream outdoor living space is exciting! Planning and weighing all of your options for shade and shelter will bring you to the comparison of a pergola and an awning. Important factors to consider during your decision making process should be durability, customization options, and the impact on your home’s appeal and value. While pergolas bring about a lasting transformation, awnings offer shade. Our assessment aims to help you select the option that suits your lifestyle, needs, and aesthetic preferences ensuring a beneficial investment. Along the journey you’ll also discover the features of StruXure’s pergola systems and the added luxury they offer for any backyard oasis. Let’s dive in and see discover your champion in this matchup of pergola vs. awning.

Pergola vs Awning: Understanding the Basics


As you think about expanding your living area you’ll come across choices such as pergolas and awnings. Pergolas (whether it is a standalone pergola or a attached to a house) feature a roof structure with rafters and cross beams that create a grid like pattern. Not only do they provide shade but they also enhance the visual allure of your home’s exterior using materials like wood or metal latticework. Unlike your typical awnings, pergolas establish a more enduring presence in your outdoor area with their robust framework.

On the other-side, awnings are shelters meant for use that can be only attached above windows, doors or decks. They serve the following purposes:

  • Providing shade
  • Shielding, against rain showers
  • Using durable fabrics that repel water and block harmful UV rays

Their convenience lies in their ability to be extended for added coverage during those hot sunny days or retracted when shade isn’t required.

While awnings offer these benefits compared to pergola frames – known for their durability – they lack the level of fixed strength and permanence as a key element of outdoor living spaces, unlike pergolas.

Defining a Pergola

If you imagine a structure that seamlessly blends shade with an open sky, designed not only to stand alone but can also connect directly to your home, then the a pergola is what you’re looking for. It’s an attention grabbing addition to any outdoor area, featuring a slat-like roof that provides just the right balance of sunlight and shadow. StruXure prides itself on the adaptability of its Pergola X line, offering customization options down to the color, design specifics, and enhancements to perfectly match your unique style preferences.

Crafted from premium powder-coated aluminum, StruXure’s offerings not only exemplify aesthetic excellence but also ensure long-lasting resilience. They guarantee that these structures go beyond mere visual enhancements but also become lasting fixtures, and a statement piece in your outdoor space. It’s undeniable how appealing it is to have an elegant permanent structure like this enhancing your home’s outdoor living space.

Understanding the Benefits of Patio Awnings

Retractable Awnings: Your Personal Sun Canopy

Think of awnings as your sun shade unfurling over your patio or deck to offer shade and enhance the beauty of your living area. They protect you from the suns rays with retractable awnings being a choice due to their flexibility.

The advantages of an awning include:

  • Providing shade when needed
  • Allowing sunlight when desired.
  • Improving the ambiance of your outdoor living space
  • Giving you control over how you utilize your outdoor area
  • This flexibility empowers you to adapt based on the changing requirements of your setting.

These structures are sturdy and easy to use often featuring fabric and robust frames made from materials, like steel or aluminum. Their key benefit lies in offering shade enhancing comfort levels in any setting allowing you to relax outdoors without being exposed directly to harsh sunlight. Plus, when you don’t want it up, most are pretty easy to take down after the season.

What are the Big Differences Between Buying an Awning and Buying a Pergola?


According to studies pergolas are generally pricier than awnings due to their lasting nature and the wide range of customization choices available, which is the main contribution to their higher cost. While picking an awning may seem budget friendly in the short term, investing in a pergola has the potential of greater financial gains over time. Research indicates that investing in a pergola could boost your home’s market value by approximately 50% to 80% of its cost. Therefore, while an awning may seem like a cost-effective solution initially, opting for a pergola could enhance long-term value significantly, making it a worthwhile consideration between upfront economy and prospective benefits.

Customization and Comfort

Pergolas shine as the superior option when it comes to personalization and comfort, especially if you opt for a Pergola X from StruXure. They offer extensive personalization across various features, including size, post designs, roofing material, and color selections. The Pergola X by StruXure even offers additional amenities, such as built-in lights, heaters, and fans, all of these can be customly integrated into any pergola system to enhance comfort and functionality while elevating the enjoyment of your beautiful outdoor oasis.

On the other hand, awnings offer a more limited range of personalized touches. They come in styles like semi-cassette and full-cassette offering different levels of protection, but with limited options for customization compared to the pergola. Awnings showcase what they have to offer without flexibility for alterations, making pergolas the preferred option for those looking to create a highly customizable and cozy outdoor living space. When you think of customization for an awning you should think more of the fabric style and material, because besides that there aren’t many other things to customize. Besides the aesthetic, the only other option you see with awnings would be if it would be a stationary or folding awning. Awnings also aren’t stand alone shelters most of the time, so usually it is position coming off of the main structure and hangs over a doorway or a window.

Privacy Perspectives: Pergola vs. Retractable Awning

Pergolas emerge as the ultimate choice for individuals seeking a private enclave for their outdoor shelter. The sturdy build of pergolas allows them to be placed in areas of the yard with options to enclose them for added privacy. This enables the creation of an intimate nook in your backyard, perfect for enjoying a book or savoring relaxing moments over coffee. StruXures Pergola X and Cabana X models offer automated privacy screens and paneling options making them top notch pergola systems tailored to privacy needs.

In contrast, retractable awnings offer less privacy coverage due to their open and extendable nature. They are better suited for gatherings in outdoor settings where privacy is not a primary concern. Therefore when considering privacy aspects, pergolas provide a space that feels more tucked away and personal compared to retractable awnings.

Materials and Material Durability Matter in Outdoor Living Spaces


As we have previously mentioned, when you are creating your dream exterior living area, the choice of materials plays a crucial role in not only the durability but also the ambiance. Aluminum pergolas stand out due to their exceptional longevity, they are known for their lifespan lasting for decades with proper maintenance. (StruXure pergola systems all offer a limited-lifetime warranty to ensure your dream backyard stays pristine for years to come.)

On the other hand, fabric awnings offer shade and rain protection but have a shorter service life of about ten years with proper care, mainly due to the mere fact that awnings are made of fabric materials. When we say proper maintenance, that would be to prevent mold growth, so at least monthly cleaning and annual deep cleans and thorough washes are essential along with consistently lubricating the moving parts, for functionality when needed.

The choice between aluminum pergolas and fabric awnings hinges on the desired longevity and maintenance requirements of the materials, with aluminum pergolas offering exceptional durability with minimal upkeep, making them a favorable choice for long-term outdoor living spaces.

Weather Protection and Durability

When deliberating the choice between an awning and a pergola for your dream outdoor space, it is vital to take into account their ability to provide weather protection. Pergolas, notably StruXure’s Pergola X model, come equipped with advanced features that shield against various climatic elements. They are constructed to comply with rigorous hurricane standards and have the resilience to endure wind speeds exceeding 130 mph as well as substantial snow loads. This level of durability makes pergolas a easy win when it comes to protection from the elements in your outdoor area.

On another note, retractable fabric awnings offer shade and and a degree of rain protection. Typically awnings are not going hold up well in severe weather conditions. They can be damaged by winds, often require regular maintenance to maintain water resistance, but with proper care, they can achieve longevity upwards of two decades. These fabric awnings tend to undergo more rapid deterioration due to constant exposure compared to pergolas. Awning replacement is common every several years based on the wear and tear.

Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces


For centuries wooden pergolas have stood as a transformative piece, going beyond being just an external feature. The Struxure pergolas and cabanas have modernized these structures offering the opportunity to redefine and section off your surroundings into an actual living area, while also enhancing the look of your property. Pergolas serve purposes creating a setting for backyard gatherings or peaceful nights under the stars all within a refined yet practical space.

A pergola system in your yard provides numerous benefits:

  • They contribute to well being and help establish a stronger connection with nature.
  • A pergola naturally encourages interaction.
  • Modern pergolas offer protection from the elements allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without any hindrances.
  • Personal touches like LED lighting, ceiling fans and heating options can be added to these structures for a outdoor retreat filled with comfort.

Louvered Pergola vs. Awnings in Commercial Properties

When deciding on a structure for weather protection, in commercial spaces it’s crucial to consider your individual requirements as well as preferences. When it comes to seeking protection, from the elements in settings like an outdoor bar or swimming pools, especially those featuring louvered designs, pergolas emerge as a popular choice. Their sturdy build and robust construction allows them to withstand various climatic conditions, which makes pergolas an excellent fit for open-air venues at hotels and similar commercial establishments.

Conversely, awnings offer an alternative when the main goal is simply to provide shade without extensive rain protection. Awnings provide sun shading capabilities along with some degree of rain safeguarding- all qualities that suit places where customer interaction occurs outdoors, such as dining areas on restaurant terraces. Not quite as useful for a pool setting since awnings are often connected to main structures.

Will an Awning or Pergola Increase Residential Home Value?

When considering adding either a pergola or an awning to your humble living abode, it’s natural to wonder about their impact on your property’s market worth. The resilience, tailorability, and practicality of pergolas are recognized for their positive impact on home valuation. They tend to offer higher returns than awnings do. With investment recovery rates for pergolas often falling between 50% and 80%, they rank among the more lucrative enhancements you could make.

On the other hand, while awnings can enhance a residences’ visual appeal and expand its outdoor living area, they don’t elevate property values as significantly as pergolas do. However by creating shade for windows, they help improve energy efficiency and reduce air conditioning costs potentially boosting a home’s value slightly.

Contact One of Our Struxure Partners to Learn More on Why a Pergola vs Awning is Best for Your Outdoor Space

Having trouble deciding between a pergola or an awning for your dream outdoor living space? Reach out to a StruXure partner today. Our network of local dealers is standing by, equipped to resolve any queries you might have and steer you towards identifying the ideal outdoor structure tailored to your specifications.

Keep in mind that every model of Pergola X or Cabana X includes a fully personalized system design tailored specifically around your unique preferences and requirements regarding space and function.


In the nuanced choice, between a pergola and an awning consider your preferences, style and financial plan. Pergolas offer strength, customization options, and privacy; while awnings are versatile and provide shade. When it comes to durability, weather resistance and potential property value increase, pergolas often come out on top.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your backyard oasis or elevate the space of your business, pergolas and awnings offer great solutions for both. It’s not, about adding any structure it’s about enhancing your outdoor experience. Choose the option that best maximizes your space investment! For information, on StruXure’s pergola systems feel free to reach out to us by clicking here!

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