Outdoor Holiday Entertaining

Covered patio during evening with lit string lights and seating, and mounted tv

The weather is colder in the winter but the sun is still shining as brightly as ever. Why not take advantage of the Christmastime sunshine and the starry December skies by moving your Christmas party outdoors this year? With an adjustable louvered patio cover from Arcadia, a night spent on your deck or patio with friends and family can be just as cozy as a night spent sitting around the living room. Moreover, an adjustable patio cover from Arcadia can make your outdoor living space more comfortable no matter what you decide to do with it this Christmas.

Unlike a regular pergola that can’t offer full shade or full light exposure, the louvers of our pergolas rotate 180 degrees. They feature advanced rain gutters so you can hang out on your patio, no matter the weather conditions. Open its louvers to let in lots of sunlight or angle the louvers to reduce the glare and increase the amount of weather protection. The dynamic, adaptable system is perfect for keeping guests happy when entertaining and there are many benefits to entertaining outdoors outside of peak barbecue season. Cleanup is easier, for one thing. And spills are no big deal. At an outdoor Christmas party, everyone can take in the crisp air and enjoy outdoor Christmas lights. If you choose to serve some yummy grilled delicacies, the cook isn’t kept away from the party and the food is that much easier to serve. Here are some additional “hot” ideas for outdoor entertaining during the holiday season.

Cozying Christmas Party Ideas

  • Serve hot cocoa – Once your guests have a toasty beverage in their hands, they’ll hardly notice the brisk air.
  • Pass out blankets and quilts – Few things are more relaxing that sitting on your patio with a soft blanket on your lap. Invite partygoers to cover up.  
  • Light a fire – Our roofs are some of the only fully closeable patio covers that are still suitable for covering a fire pit area. Since the louvers can be opened to release smoke, your patio won’t smell like a bonfire for weeks after the big event.
  • Consider outdoor heating options – We can customize your patio cover to fit on columns of various heights. We can even build it high enough to allow for a standing heater to be used underneath it or for a hanging heater to go in overhead.
  • Host a Hat-and-Scarf Exchange – Forego the traditional White Elephant formula or cookie exchange extravaganza and ask your guests to bring a hat or a scarf instead. Everyone can swap scarves and bundle up in them to spend an evening under the sky.  

Remember – an adjustable roof is fun to use after the parties are over, too. When spring comes, nothing can beat the combination of warm sun and soothing shade that an Arcadia cover can make!

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