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At StruXure Outdoor, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is “Do you offer a warranty, and, if so, what are the terms?”

There are two primary types of warranties: Implied and Extended. An implied warranty means the product is supposed to work as advertised or intended, whether or not the product seller has confirmed this orally or in writing. In other words, a seller can’t sell a product that is faulty without the purchaser having some recourse. The extended warranty is prolonged and sometimes is offered at an extra cost to the purchaser. Depending on the terms, the product will be repaired for free within a specific period of time should something happen to it that wasn’t the result of owner abuse or an act of God.

A service agreement for a new car is an example of an extended warranty that costs extra. A one-year warranty on a toaster or kitchen appliance represents the standard warranty that most of us are familiar with for a household product. But what about a large purchase, like a pergola—which is expected to perform over many years? For such a purchase, it is important to investigate whether or not an extended warranty is part of the deal.

So, to answer the warranty question, YES, we offer a 15-year warranty on the structure, along with a 5-year warranty on the electronics. Not only that, but, since the structure is typically an add-on feature to a home, our warranty is transferable to the next owner, should you sell your home before the warranty has expired. And our warranty is free!

For larger investments, that are expected to hold up over time, it is critically important to evaluate all aspects of the product before making your purchase, from materials used to company ethics to, yes, warranties. There is a direct correlation between product quality and warranty provisions. And if there is no warranty at all, that should be a red flag to the consumer that the quality may be substandard.

If you are considering purchasing a louvered pergola system, please visit We stand behind our award-winning products, and are always ready to answer your questions.

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