Creating Space with an Struxure Outdoor

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Adding a louvered patio cover  to your yard can’t actually redraw your property line but it can create a lot more usable space around your home. Think about all the times you’ve avoided using an outdoor space on a scorching sunny day or damp drizzling evening. Placing some form of weather protection in your yard space can completely enhance your outdoor living experience. Use it to cover an existing patio or to define a whole new living area in your yard. If you’ve ever wanted an outdoor dining table, outdoor kitchen or a nice, shady spot for a couple of chairs, an adjustable louvered roof makes it possible!

When it comes to outdoor weather protection, there are a lot of coverage options. Awnings, pergolas, cabanas, umbrellas and permanent roofs are all viable patio covers but we think the Struxure roof system is the best choice. Most other patio-covering structures are “fixed,” non-movable covers. How do these porch and patio covers compare to an adjustable louvered roof from Struxure? They don’t adjust so you don’t get to decide the amount of light hitting your porch. Depending on the time of day, you might be in full shade or full sun. And there’s little in between. A cloth patio canopy can’t let in full sun when you want it and its UV protection is incomplete. Other adjustable roofs are flimsy and poorly constructed. Many only adjust in a small range of angles and many more can’t be closed fully for complete shade and weather protection. Ours models come complete with a 10-year warranty and a full 180 degrees of adjustability.

With an Struxure cover, you get the best of both a fully protective awning and a sunny morning coffee spot. In other words, you get perfect UV protection when you want it and plenty of sun when you want that. No need to compromise. All our models’ louvers adjust in seconds with the push of a button. With an adjustable louvered roof, you’re no longer at the mercy of the forecast. Our motorized adjustable louvered roof operates at the touch of a button, and even has a rain detector that can close your roof automatically during unexpected downpours. The internal motors are powered by self-sustaining solar panels so the roof will never affect your home’s electricity costs.

Unbeatable protection and quality, energy efficiency and the power to personalize can all be yours in an Struxure space!

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