As we “fall back” to standard timein North America, some appreciate the extra morning sunlight, but the fact is that we are still losing cumulative daylight right up to the winter solstice, which, for many, can trigger a reevaluation of their outdoor lighting. Here are a few tips for enhancing outdoor residential lighting.

Safety First

The most important reason for lighting up the outside of one’s house is for safety purposes. Whether trying to avoid ankle turns on darkened steps or keeping intruders at bay, having adequate lighting around entrance doors is always a good idea. Keep in mind placement—not too high or too low—in order to cast the brightest light where it is most needed. Installing outdoor sconces on either side of a door is not only visually pleasing, but will lessen the chances of being without light should one of the fixtures suddenly stop functioning. Floodlights, which cast a broader light pool, can be a good choice for larger yards—front or back—and on garages. Also, keep in mind areas designated for waste cans, which are often at the side of a home. Installing an unexpected light source, perhaps on a motion sensor, can provide additional security.

Illuminating Walkways

Lighting a pathway used to be less feasible, and was often reserved for high-end residences only. There were fewer appropriate fixtures available on the market, and it was complicated and expensive to wire path lights. However, with the advent of solar lights, it is easier than ever to illuminate pathways that lead to and from entry doors and around yards. Many home and garden stores, as well as eCommerce sites, sell individual lights or sets that can be pressed into lawns or gardens (or affixed more permanently), which use solar energy accumulated during the day to provide hours of light along otherwise dark passageways at night.

Enhancing What’s Already There

It’s easy to accept the standard lighting you already have – a porch light or dual purpose light-in-fan mounted under a covered porch or pergola – but it might be time to think outside the box. Consider more festive options that not only add more brightness, but create a joyful setting. String lights can be festive when hung between trees or from an outdoor structure. Clustering lanterns in patio corners or on a central table brings lighting into one’s décor. And spotlights that highlight particular garden features can take your yard from adequate to inspired.

Something Completely New

For those who really want to enhance their outdoor space, adding a pergola with automated pivoting louvers and recessed overhead lights, or even track lighting that can be encased in the beams and posts, can brighten any outdoor space during the darker months. It’s a myth that pergolas are only to be enjoyed during the summer months or in warmer climates. With a durable, high-tech product like StruXure’s Pergola X, a seasonal space can be turned into a year-round retreat. And with the many lighting options that can be incorporated into the always customizable Pergola X package, spending time outside under a well-lit pergola will make the short days and long nights of winter a lot more enjoyable.

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