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View 4 Color corrected white two-story modern home with black window trim and white louvered-roof pergola with golden light shining through windows at dusk

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StruXure has a successful history of working with the A&D community—helping to specify the Pergola X that will work best with your overall design concept. In fact, we have created an AIA Continuing Education course, titled “Exterior Motorized Shade & Shelter,” that enables architects to earn CE credits while learning about the nuances of our system. Connect with our corporate design team to learn more.

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Whether customizing the style of your Pergola X through color selection and architectural detail add-ons, or choosing accessories, like heaters, fans, lighting or screens, the options will take you where you want to go.

A beautiful, clean Pergola X outdoor space

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Visit our case studies page to see how the Pergola X has transformed lives.

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