/Express Yourself

Your pergola doesn’t have to be boring.

/Make it Uniquely Yours

By applying enhancements from our Appearance Package, like Covers & Collars and RISE, you can transform the simple lines of a Pergola X into your own unique statement.

/We’ve Got You Covered

It’s been said that the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. At StruXure, we live by that notion. Which is why we developed covers, a small but mighty metal plate, powder coated to match your Pergola X system, that can be affixed over exposed hardware along beams for a seamless finish.

/All Dressed Up

Just as a garment collar levels up one’s outfit, our collars were designed to add next level style to your Pergola X system while performing a sublet yet important role. Collars slide into place over exposed hardware at post and beam connectors acting not only as a concealer but also providing a sophisticated and intentional design element.

/Progressive Outdoor Living

Looking for another way to elevate your Pergola X? Consider our latest enhancement, RISE. Similar in concept to crown molding, RISE can be added in a multitude of combinations around the top frame of the Pergola X to deliver personalized dimension and flair. Choose from modern or traditional crown and extender patterns and reach new heights in conveying your backyard vision.

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Create a vacation destination
right in your backyard.
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