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Whether you call them pergolas, shade structures, awnings, or patio covers, flexible and dynamic new technology offers a major upgrade to traditional wood or canvas outdoor patio covers. Learn more about this advancement in technology to broaden your outdoor living design offerings; answer product, installation, and application questions from your clients; and earn AIA or ASLA continuing education credits in our informational one-hour ‘lunch and learn.’

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Our Course

AIA & ASLA Course Title: Automated Exterior Shade and Shelter

Course Number: AIA: 404108459-3     ASLA: Assigned Per Course

Delivery Provider: StruXure Outdoor, Inc.

Topic: Exterior Improvements

Course Format: Instructor-led face-to-face (online course format available)

Keywords: motorized technology, effects of weather, outdoor spaces, louvered roofs, outdoor living, protection, outdoors, balance, shade and shelter

Curriculum Group Name: AIA Providers & ASLA Providers

Number of Course Learning Units: 1

Credit Designation: Learning Unit / Health Safety Welfare (LU/HSW)

Sustainable Design Content: Yes

Mixed gender team sitting around wooden conference table looking at site plans with papers and laptops and food also on table

What You'll Learn

Identification: Learn how to identify various louvered roof designs and components, including how this traditional backyard feature has evolved to fit more architectural styles.

Construction: Learn how components fit together, including installation basics for freestanding and attached systems.

Operation: Identify operation system configurations and components, such as remote, smart device control, and sensor technology for louvered roof systems and accessories (screens, curtains).

Functionality: Including how motorized shade and shelter technology can better control the weather and support health.

Sustainability: Uncover the advantages of various materials and features, and why they’ll stand the test of time.

Q&A: At the end of the session, any additional questions will be addressed in a live Q&A.

View from under dark colored pivoting louvered pergola looking across yard at pool and tennis court against palm tree and tan desert hillside