Cropped StruXure website home page on laptop on outdoor desk

A website overhaul is no small undertaking, but sometimes it becomes necessary in order to continue to align a company’s brand with its story.  Such was the case for StruXure this Spring, when its marketing team set out to build a new site that not only offers a fresh look and improved navigation, but also provides a more in-depth view of StruXure’s products, technology, and benefits.


Pergola X is Front and Center

Pergola X, StruXure’s signature product line, has been given its own tab, with a thorough explanation of each model: Pivot 6, Pivot 6 XL, Pivot 6 Slide, and Pan 6. Links next to each model on the overview page take visitors on a deeper dive, where they can review product specifications, see professional photography from actual installations, and interact with a new feature called the “visualizer” that will enable users to understand how the components of the various Pergola X models fit together.


Technology Explained

Under a tab titled “Innovation,” site visitors can learn more about the technology used to operate all of the Pergola X models. StruXure has partnered with Somfy®, the worldwide leader in automation, to power its products, and the new website concisely explains the many Powered by Somfy® capabilities, with associated info graphics that serve as an at-a-glance reference.


Get Inspired

Whether viewing the site from the perspective of a homeowner, business owner, contractor, or designer, visitors will be inspired by a fresh mix of product and lifestyle photography. In addition to a more comprehensive project photo gallery—to be updated monthly as new projects are finished and documented—a case study section has been added, which includes written and video testimonials from happy clients nationwide.


Tools and Support

A “Support” section offers details about product care and maintenance, warranties, and how to contact personnel at the East and West Coast Fulfillment Centers in Dahlonega, Georgia and Henderson, Nevada, respectively. Tools, primarily intended for Building Professionals, include access to drawings, 3D models, and specifications, as well as sign-ups for lunch-and-learn sessions and continuing education credits for architects.


Become a Dealer

It’s easier than ever to find out how to become a StruXure dealer. The benefits of doing so are highlighted on an easy to locate tabbed page, along with a fill-in form the gets submitted immediately to a corporate team member.


Overall, the new site offers an upgraded, on-brand digital front door to the company. It is easy to navigate, whether looking for specific information or simply browsing. And with new products in development, the site has been designed to seamlessly integrate StruXure’s latest innovations as they come to market. The hope is that visitors will access the site to learn more about what StruXure has to offer, and will leave feeling inspired, informed, and empowered to improve their outdoor spaces.


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