StruXure outdoor provide outdoor living

Palm trees and green hedge provide backdrop to white pergola with modern outdoor furniture beneath

StruXure Outdoor provides an endless array of options, making their products ideal for any outdoor living area such as patios, decks, lanais, verandas, entry ways, courtyards, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, and spas. Choose between free-standing or attached units in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes; then add on a variety of customized options to create your own unique structure.

Style Options: Pivot or Slide

·       Pivot:The original StruXure has been improved and perfected since its inception in 2011. The award-winning Pivot design gives a full 170° range of motion, providing a cool oasis regardless of the sun’s position.

·       Slide:The Slide does what no other louvered roof can do… it gives you full sky! With the ability to open the space above you while maintaining the versatility of the Pivot, the Slide totally revolutionizes the way we view outdoor living.

Controlling Options

Your StruXure roof can be controlled 3 ways: manually, through motorized RF technology (using a remote control), or with motorized iLouver technology (using a smart device). iLouver technology provides users with a variety of options including programming your roof to open and close at certain times of the day, or choosing between 4 preset positions. iLouver technology also features a rain sensor, wind sensor, and Hurricane Mode which overrides all functions and opens the louvers when excessive wind speeds are detected.

Color Options

The StruXure system features four standard colors options (white, beige, bronze, and adobe) that compliment almost any architecture. For those unique applications we do have available thousands of custom colors. A chemical textured powder coat makes a more scratch resistant surface, while giving it a flatter finish that is driving the outdoor color pallet of today.

Customization Options

Truly amazing designs can be created to meet your exact requirements, however demanding, unusual, or even eccentric. Add ceiling fans, accent lighting, wood wraps, custom columns, retracting solar shades, pergola end cuts, curtains/privacy walls, outdoor heating and cooling, and so much more!

Choose StruXure

We’re constantly perfecting our product and building highly personalized luxury louvered roofs of extraordinary quality through advanced technology and design. Each StruXure system is a work of art, constructed with care and attention to every little detail. Plus, StruXure products are manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. using recycled aluminum and stainless steel components for a low maintenance, long-lasting, American made, “green” product. Contact us todayto begin transforming your outdoor space.