Start Planning Now for Your Outdoor Living Space…Before It’s Too Late!

Modern outdoor furniture under white pergola against white house

Don’t wait for spring or for that tax refund, start planning your outdoor living space today! Here’s why:

Ample Planning Time

You need time to research, plan, and schedule builders. Then your builder needs time to plan, order materials, and schedule his team.

Contractor Availability

At this time of year, your contractor may have more time to work with you in planning your project and refining your design before the work even begins. With some early planning, you can get your project in motion well before the main rush, allowing you to finish a little earlier. Plus, since the winter months tend to be less busy for builders, your contractor can work more efficiently, since they won’t have any other projects to contend with, meaning you will likely get excellent service throughout your project.

Faster Permit Approvals

Line locations and building permits can often take several weeks, but since government agencies are usually less busy at this time of year, permits are usually easier and quicker to obtain.

Best Pricing for Labor and Materials

Come spring, you will probably pay the most money for time and materials. Just as those Valentine’s chocolates are a steal on February 15th, the price of building materials fluctuates depending on the time of year. It’s the simple law of supply and demand.

Optimum Weather Conditions

Before spring really sets in, you’ll likely have fewer rainy days to delay workers. Plus, frozen ground and dry air are better for digging foundations and pouring concrete than muddy ground and humidity.


The best time to install landscaping is during the late winter or early spring. The too hot temperatures of summer make actively growing plants more susceptible to damage.

If you wait too long to start planning and building your outdoor space, warm weather will already be here and you’ll be wishing you could be using your space, not looking at a project under construction. The clock is ticking for getting started on that outdoor home improvement project that you desire, so don’t delay another day! You will want to spend as much time as possible in your new space as soon as it’s completed and the sooner you get started, the sooner you will have the outdoor space of your dreams. If an Arcadia louvered roof is on your list of outdoor projects, give us a call today so we can get started planning and building your customized creation today!