Screened In Patio Covers

Another ground level view looking up to wooden deck covered by white pergola with green trees beyond against a vibrant blue sky

Usually, a screened in porch or patio has a sort of makeshift ceiling. They may have a ceiling fan but if not, these shadowy spaces can get stuffy in the summer heat. Then, in winter, their ceiling blocks warm sunlight from reaching the patio and entering the house through nearby windows. There is one way to enjoy all the year-round benefits of a screen porch with the added ventilation of an uncovered patio… Add an adjustable roof!

With a louvered patio cover from Arcadia, you enjoy all the benefits of a screen as well as all the benefits of an adjustable roof. It’s like having a patio and a bonus room in one! The screen blocks insects and other critters from moving into your porch. It may also help block cold wind and drafts from getting into your house through your doors and windows. In the summer it adds a layer of shade to areas that might normally be hard to cut off from the sun. The problem with them is that, with a conventional roof or patio cover, they also block out the sun when you want it around.

Not so with an Arcadia adjustable roof. If you pair a screened in patio with a louvered roof, you still enjoy the bug-repelling, wind-muffling power of the screens with the comfort and versatility of an adjustable cover. In the summer, your shade protection is made more thorough by the presence of the screens along the sides of the patio but you can still open the roof and enjoy the sunshine whenever you want. Additionally, your screen porch may be even cooler with an adjustable roof than with a conventional roof because rising hot air has more room to escape through the slats. In the winter, your porch stays warm on those rare sunny days because you can turn the louvers to a vertical positioning, letting the sun’s rays stream in.

You can even accessorize your Arcadia patio cover with all the same gadgets that are available with a regular roof such as fans and lights. There are so many opportunities to customize your patio cover, you’re sure to find the features that work for you. There are plenty of material and color options too so your adjustable roof will blend in perfectly with the style of your home, whether you need richly stained wood, glossy white trim or maybe even a combination of both.