If you can't dine in, dine out

The restaurant business is changing rapidly - keep up.
Cover your safe outdoor spaces with Pergola X.

The deciding factor in dining selection

The outdoors has become a beacon of safety, and fresh air is a commodity that weighs heavily in a patron’s dine-out decision making.

Covered when the rain falls and open when the sun’s shining.  With manifold high-tech sensors and systems the smart Pergola X keeps an eye on the weather so you don’t have to.

As we make our way through these changing times, keep the customers choosing you, keep the outdoor space safe and as open as possible – rain or shine.

Added space, immediate returns

Each Pergola X project is created custom for the space.  A Pergola X installation can shelter anywhere from 4 to 20 socially distant tables.

The pergolas are modular.  You can start small and build bigger over time.  Any coverage counts right now.

Match your space’s style, and match its needs.  All Pergola X projects can be outfitted and retrofitted with an array of products to make the space even more comfortable.  Fans, screens, LED lights and overhead fixtures – the Pergola X can support your custom needs.

Pergola X Projects

What happens to your vision of a rooftop bar, when your single-story restaurant has no physical vertical access? You cut a hole in the roof, add a spectacular pivoting louvered pergola, and create the ultimate entertainment destination.

Tan louvers in bronze pergola frame with louvers open and perfectly aligned chairs at long communal dining tables