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Whether specified in the plans or requested by your customer, you need a Pergola X for your project. You have two ways you can work with StruXure:

1) Work directly with us and we’ll handle everything for you.

2) Learn how to become a ​StruXure Certified Contractor and build it yourself.

Work Directly With Us

From design to engineering, from permitting to installation, we have you covered. Our expansive dealer network allows us to take on any project, any size, anywhere.

Become a StruXure Certified Contractor

We understand you know how to build. If you want to learn the nuances of building the various Pergola X models from StruXure, we have a program for that. Our StruXure Certified Contractor program requires you attend a 2-day certified training class (provided monthly) prior to representing the brand.

See It In Action

Visit our case studies page to see how the Pergola X has transformed lives.

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