Pergola X

Unmatched functionality. Superior quality.
State-of-the-art technology.

Say hello to the world's smartest pergola.

The Pergola X is the modern day pergola that has the technology to open, close, pivot, and slide depending on your needs.

The Pergola X comes in 4 models:

  Pivot 6
  Pivot 6 XL
  Pivot 6 Slide
  Pan 6

From residential to commercial uses, from small patios to larger outdoor spaces, we’ve got you covered.

Black pergola frame with white louvers over neutral colored patio and outdoor furnishings

Pivot 6

The Pivot 6 is our most popular model for homeowners. With pivoting louvers you are able to control the amount of sun that you want coming in to your space. Our uniquely designed louvers pivot a full 170°, offering protection regardless of the sun’s position. You can enjoy your space with full sun, no sun, some sun, whatever your heart desires.

White pergola on thick columns with louvers open to see blue sky with patio furniture below

Pivot 6 XL

For commercial applications, the Pivot 6 XL was engineered to span further and handle three times more rain water than our industry-leading Pivot 6 design. This enables StruXure to design bigger systems to accommodate larger projects, making us the industry leader commercially.

Bronze opened louvers in Pergola over rooftop bar show red lit sign through louvers and colored bottles on shelf behind bar

Pivot 6 Slide

For homeowners and businesses looking for that driving-with-the-sunroof-open feeling…the Pivot 6 Slide was born. We challenged our design team to create a system that can do what no other louvered system can do: give you full sky. The Pivot 6 Slide allows you to still control the louvers like the Pivot 6 but also allows you to fully open and close the system giving you a clear view of the sky with no louvers at all.

Final pergola with center panels slid open to reveal sky with five people underneath looking up

Pan 6

When you don’t need every section of your Pergola X to be automated, we offer a fixed ceiling panel option that seamlessly integrates and protects. The Pan 6 is perfect for larger projects with multiple zones where you can alternate between louvers and pans.

Alt close-up under closed pivoting louver pergola with pan wedge ceiling and green cushioned outdoor sofa

Pivot or Slide? How about both!

For those who want it all, the Pivot 6 Slide gives you both pivoting louvers and the ability to expose the sky fully.


Bronze pergola slid open with views of trees and sky beyond and underneath
Bronze pergola slid closed with views of trees and sky beyond and u

Introducing TraX™

Unlike Anything on the Market

Trax™ is a future-forward cable and component management system with unlimited uses.

Gray diagram of Pergola X with TraX system with callouts

Powered By SOMFY

Intuitive Technology

We have partnered with Somfy, the world leader in motorized opening and closure controls, to operate our Pergola X systems.

Black iPhone with StruXure app Scene screen activated

Our Customers Deserve the Best

High Quality Building Materials

Our goal is to provide the strongest, most durable systems on the market today. All of our components are constructed from fully-extruded aluminum and stainless steel. We also use premium architectural grade powder coat on our standard components for a long-lasting, scratch-resistant finish.

Black pergola frame wth beige louver and mounted fans and heaters over outdoor furniture on deck looking down to green grassy tree-lined yard

Protection for You

Limited Lifetime Warranty

StruXure extends a transferable limited warranty for the structural components and movable accessories of our products. We further extend a lifetime warranty on all products against manufacturer’s defects in materials.

Color corrected beachside patio with fire table covered by beige and adobe pergola with two palm trees in background

Eco-Friendly Design

Environmental Innovation

StruXure is proud to continue its tradition of environmental innovation. Each StruXure system is fabricated with recycled aluminum and is manufactured in the U.S. The unique design of our products lends warmth and light to adjacent interior spaces during colder months and energy-saving shade during warmer months. Rainwater passing through the gutter system can also be reclaimed if desired.

Perfect blue sly with white puffy clouds visible through opened louvers in automated roof pergola with two fans and outdoor seating and palm trees in distance

American Craftsmanship

U.S. Designed, Fabricated, and Assembled

StruXure luxury systems are manufactured entirely in the U.S. by American workers, and are engineered to exceed all standards and expectations. Our products meet Florida’s stringent hurricane codes, and additionally can withstand heavy snow loads. StruXure’s talented team fabricates to exact specifications, meaning a perfect custom fit every time.

Hundreds of different sized golden orbs suspended in air with worker’s hands on metal cutting tool

Built to Last

Extruded Aluminum – Strong and Flexible

Lightweight- Aluminum weighs less by volume than most other metals.

Strong- Aluminum profiles can be made as strong as needed for many applications.

Non-Corrosive- Aluminum does not rust.

Resilient- Aluminum can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact.

Reflective- Highly-reflective aluminum can shield products or areas from light, radio waves, or infrared radiation.

Bronze louvers in stand-alone pergola cast rhythmic pattern on grass

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