Manual Operations Image
Manual Operations

An excellent value for budget-conscious users, who still demand the high quality Pivot technology and look. The manual operator opens and closes in less than 15 seconds, using a hand cranked gear mechanism.

Manual Operations

The elegance of StruXure Pivot

Without the cost of motorization. Manual operations on the StruXure sytems allow enjoyment year round.

Radio Technology Operation Image
Radio Technology Operation

Radio Technology controls are either single channel or multi-channel and each channel is used to organize the operation of your motorized pergola. Using a superior motorized drive system that is both UL & CE certified. An optional Rain Sensor is available for users that don’t want to worry if they closed their pergola or not.

Radio Technology Operation

Open and Close your system

All from the palm of your hand.

Somfy Operation Image
Somfy Operation

The Somfy app by Struxure provides the ultimate control of your outdoor living environment from any smart device. Somfy technology provides users with a variety of programming options including: Programmability – Preset Positions – Rain and Wind Sensors.

Somfy Operation

Welcome to the Smarter Side

of outdoor living.

Design Your Ideal Outdoor Space

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Your local dealer can help you create a unique space you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Architects & Designers

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Operating Systems technology

Operating Systems Advanced Technology

  • pergolapage card hurricane


    This setting can sense excessive wind speeds and fully opens the louvers to minimize uplift, allowing air to flow through the system freely until the storm passes.

  • rain and wind sensors

    Optional Rain & Wind Sensors

    Our sensors can be set to automatically open and close the pergola depending on weather conditions. Re-opens to the last known position or any pre-set position programmed.

  • range of motion


    Your perfectly-angled louvers allow for excellent air flow, creating a cool, comfortable outdoor space, where you can enjoy both shade and the beauty of a clear blue sky.

  • pergolapage card gutter


    When your pergola is closed, interlocking lovers direct water into an extruded aluminum gutter system. Our 360° design gives efficient water control for all-weather use.

  • louverlight card


    Provide additional lighting and create ambience for your space by adding lights that are seamlessly integrated into your StruXure system.

  • pergolapage card app


    Operate your system and set all your programming on your smart device through our integrated app and Bluetooth-synced operation.

  • gutterup card


    Use gutter up lighting to create ambience for your space with lights that are seamlessly integrated into your StruXure system.