Planning for Your New Patio Cover

single wooden lounge chair on patio with white pergola and sheer curtains in background

Before you can enjoy a beautifully shaded patio, there are a number of decisions to make in regards to the details of your Arcadia patio cover.

1) Decide where you want your cover to go.

Our louvered roofs can be installed on their own or attached to a pre-existing structure like an awning. You’ll have to know where you want your roof to go and how much of your patio you want it to cover before it’s time for installation.

2) Decide how you want your cover to look.

Arcadia Louvered Roofs are available in three standard colors – white, beige and bronze – and many more can be achieved with special chemical finishes. But there’s more to customizing the look of your patio cover than just choosing a color. You can also choose to incorporate specific architectural details like large columns and unique building materials like hardwoods into your patio cover design. You can even preview the final product on 3D modeling software at your Arcadia dealer.

3) Consider the extras.

In addition to adjustable shad and sun, you may want even more functionality built into your patio cover. We offer many add-on enhancements to make your patio even more comfortable and usable. These include fans, lights and solar shades. If you’re looking for the feeling of a screened-in porch with the look of a tasteful garden pergola, the solar shade are definitely for you. These shade lower around the sides of your porch to offer an additional layer of protection from the sun.

4) Look into the warranty.

We offer a 15-year warranty on the structure and finish, along with a 5-year warranty on the electronics so that if anything happens to your patio cover due to inclement weather or some other cause, it’s covered. You’ll want to fill out your warranty before you use your stylish new roof.

5) Start planning your spring!

The last thing you’ll want to decide before you install your patio cover is how you want to use it! This spring, do you want to entertain a large group, relax as a family or just sit outside on your own? If you plan on doing a lot of entertaining, a bigger patio cover is better. You’ve got to have room in the shade for everybody! No matter what you decide to do, we know you’ll have a great time hanging out under your Arcadia Louvered Roof.