Outdoor Living Trends

Backside of taupe and stone home with lower patio covered by upper deck that is covered by white pergola with beige louvers

Today, homeowners want to erase the barrier between indoors and out by creating backyards that are extensions of their home. If you are looking to create a beautiful space, expand your home’s functional possibilities, and enhance your home’s value, try incorporating a few (or all) of these hot outdoor trends.

Create Zones

Maximize the function and flow of your outdoor living space by creating distinctive areas for cooking, eating and socializing. Pergolas and trellises can help separate and define the zones and fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are great anchors for your space.

The Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor living rooms possess all the amenities of indoor living rooms, such as televisions and comfortable seating. Temperature control features, such as ceiling fans and heat lamps can make an outdoor living room usable year round.

The Outdoor Kitchen

The modern outdoor kitchen is far from the grill and picnic table of our youth. Today outdoor kitchens possess the same features as indoor kitchens, such as sinks, ranges, and microwaves. Full-service outdoor kitchens can be located in a zone further away from your home since you will not need access to your main kitchen’s water supply and appliances.

Outdoor Structures

Outdoor structures provide form and function to a space, increasing your home’s value. While pergolas and trellises provide an aesthetic appeal, louvered roofs allow homeowners to spend more time outside regardless of weather conditions.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes any area more inviting, improves the function of the space, and adds security to your property. By adding adjustable LED lighting you can enhance the security of your outdoor living space and extend the amount of time you, your family, and friends can spend outdoors.

Personalized Details

Don’t forget to customize your outdoor living space with personalized touches to make yourself comfortable and your guest feel welcome. Accessorize your seating areas with throw pillows and cushions. Use elegant outdoor tableware and integrate artistic accents and accessories into your outdoor decor, just as you would inside your home.

At Arcadia, our louvered roofs draw homeowners and their guests into their outdoor space. Our roofs encourage more outdoor activities, can divide spaces, provide cover for any of your outdoor rooms, and anchor a space. We can even create a design specific to your needs with privacy options, lighting, and temperature control. Brush off the stresses of life. Come outdoors to enjoy the open sky and your outdoor space under an Arcadia!