Outdoor Living Solutions for Spring

Backside of large home with stacked stone pillars and a second floor pergola covered deck

It’s almost spring! No more staying cooped up all day to get away from the cold. It’s time to revel in the great outdoors by enjoying a meal at an outdoor dining table, reading a book while reclined on a patio chair or simply looking out over a flowery garden. The best way to make the most of the springtime weather improvement? With an adjustable patio cover or pergola from Arcadia! Our roofs come with a full 180 degrees of adjustability which means they can close completely when the weather’s damp or the sun’s too bright and open wide when the weather’s just right.

Imagine all you could do with an Arcadia cover!

Avoid April showers.

Spring is famous (or infamous) for unpredictable bouts of drizzling and sprinkling. With Arcadia’s fully close-able patio covers, a little rain doesn’t have to stop the outdoor fun. Simply pivot the louvers back into a sealed and locked position whenever it starts raining and you need trustworthy weather protection. Better yet, make use of our handy dandy moisture detection technology that automatically closes upon detecting rain.

Balance the breezes.

Usually, a covered porch has a permanent or permanently closed ceiling. They may have a ceiling fan but if not, these shadowy spaces can get stuffy when it gets hot. Besides that, when it’s cool, their ceiling blocks warm sunlight from reaching the patio. One of the benefits of having an adjustable roof on your porch or patio is that you can take advantage of spring breezes and warm spring sunlight when you open up the slats. The openings between the louvers allow air to circulate which naturally leaves your outdoor living space at a more comfortable temperature.

Escape from the heat.

There are plenty of ways to add more shade to your yard but the Arcadia louvered roof is by far the most versatile. Our roofs are superior to conventional pergolas, awnings and sun umbrellas because they offer homeowners and business owners more shade coverage and shade from every angle. Talk about beating the heat! The temperature difference between sun, partial shade and complete shade is actually quite significant and our covers let you find the shade-to-sun ratio that feels just right. Plus, they offer much better UV protection than covers made from thin plastic or outdoor fabrics.

Dim the glare.

An adjustable pergola lets you enjoy fresh air without being blinded by sunlight. Open the roof to let in natural sunlight in the evening and the early morning and close it to use your patio comfortably at high noon. Of course, nothing beats the combination of cheery sun and soothing shade that only an Arcadia louvered roof can provide. Experience it for yourself this spring!