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We Outgrew Our Company Name: Rebranding for the Right Reasons


The company formerly known as Arcadia Building Products, Inc. announced today its name change to StruXure Outdoor™. Already known for its high-quality adjustable louvered structures, and having secured a place on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies for the past four years straight, the company’s founder and CEO, Scott Selzer, felt the timing was right to rebrand with a name that more clearly represents its products and people.

Says Selzer, “As we’ve learned and grown over the past eight years—not only in size and in the products we produce, but also in our ability to truly bring the indoors outside—our name no longer reflected who and what the company is all about. Our people and our products have been the foundation of our success, and now we have a name that represents their fortitude: StruXure Outdoor.”

Given the company’s successes, which can be measured by tremendous growth and increasing marketplace recognition, does it make sense to make such a dramatic change? “This was not an overnight decision; we knew it would affect every aspect of our business, from our website to our dealer network, but we knew we were doing it for the right reasons,” says Selzer. “We recognize that rebranding comes with great financial commitment and potential risk, but so does ignoring the evolution of our company.” Arcadia—which can mean a place offering peace and simplicity—adequately defined the company during its humble beginnings. Selzer created an innovative solution of a pivoting louvered roof for a client looking to maximize sunlight through his pergola into his home, a unique design idea that Selzer and his team turned into a multi-million-dollar outdoor living brand. However, after eight years of progressive innovation—from the development of expandable grids of pivoting louvers that can be extended to any size needed, to the addition of lights, fans, heaters, and other amenities, as well as a patented 360-degree gutter system that helps make the company’s structures the most water-tight on the market, and the implementation of “smart” technology tied into the systems that can automatically anticipate weather changes and adjust the louvers accordingly—the name no longer fit the continuously evolving product line.

“Not only did we outgrow our name in terms of our product offerings,” notes Selzer, “but the people who support all facets of our business deserve a name representative of their hard work. StruXure Outdoor™ better represents the direction that the company has taken, and also where it is headed.” With exciting new product features targeted for release in 2019, StruXure is poised for continued success.

StruXure will retain its same outstanding staff, its mission, its physical fulfillment centers in Dahlonega, GA and Henderson, NV, and its trusted partnerships. For more information about the world’s smartest structures, or to learn about becoming a StruXure Outdoor™ dealer, please contact us at

StruXure Outdoor™ (formerly Arcadia) is the building industry’s premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality adjustable louvered structures. With patented products like the Pivot, the Slide, the Pivot XL, a complete gutter system, and bonus features designed with advanced technology, the company has become one of the fastest growing privately held businesses in the United States, appearing on the Inc. 5000 list for the past four years. Founded outside of Atlanta in 2011, by CEO and Chief Product Architect Scott Selzer, StruXure Outdoor™ has grown to include two major manufacturing facilities in North Georgia and Nevada, with a staff of more than 50 and a massive dealer network that spans from Canada to the Caribbean. StruXure’s motto of ‘good isn’t good enough’ and its dedication to its core values of quality, customer service, and innovation, serve as the driving forces behind the company’s continued innovation and growth.

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