Dealer Summit 2023 Recap

StruXure Dealers Attending Summit

Each year, StruXure hosts an event for its network of Dealers that is both educational and celebratory. This year’s Dealer Summit delivered on both fronts, with the unveiling of several new products and the announcement of award-winning project installations by StruXure’s vast network of Dealers. The Summit was held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando on December 9.

Unveiling the Future

In the dynamic world of automated pergolas, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal, it’s a necessity. Our latest innovations are not only about making a great product better; they represent a commitment to staying relevant in an era where stagnation is the enemy of progress. From the unveiling of our next generation Pergola X to new backdrops and canopies and a new app, StruXure announced its offerings of new groundbreaking products that promise to redefine the industry. 

One of the key drivers of these revolutionary products is our relentless pursuit of innovation. At StruXure, we are embracing change and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. And in an environment where consumers crave the next big thing, we recognize that failing to innovate risks fading into obscurity.

One area where our new products are set to shine is in their ability to seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. Since the 2020 pandemic, expanding our homes to capitalize on our outdoor spaces—for economic reasons and for healthier living—has been a favorable trend. Using technology to its greatest advantage, we have elevated our luxury pergolas and cabanas in myriad ways, from a more precise fit for all components to enhanced connectivity.

Our products have always been about more than satisfying current needs but anticipating future ones. Our new products offer features that address potential challenges and opportunities for outdoor living, ensuring that an investment like a luxury pergola remains relevant and enriching for decades to come.

In a world that is increasingly conscious of environmental impact, sustainability is another key consideration of our new products. StruXure has always offered products made in the USA from recyclable extruded aluminum. That commitment continues with our next generation Pergola X, Cabana X, and Cabana X MOD. All of our products embody our pledge to cultivate a sustainable future.

Furthermore, StruXure’s products are not only about satisfying individual needs but also fostering connectivity and collaboration. The emphasis on interconnectedness is a testament to the evolving nature of our society, where community and relationships are crucial. Our products have been and will continue to be not just tools for personal gratification, but catalysts for fostering relationships and creating memories.

In an era where competition is fierce and consumer loyalty can be fickle, staying ahead requires a commitment to excellence. We, at StruXure, are proud to continue to offer leading edge, made-in-America products that are good for humanity. Stay tuned for more details on our new products for 2024.

Honors and Awards

The Dealer Summit closed with a gala to recognize a year’s worth of accomplishments by everyone involved with StruXure, particularly the many hard-working Dealers who interface with customers daily. From awards for best small installation to best large installation and from best video ad and best social media to best residential and commercial projects, winners were recognized with great fanfare. The final award of the night went to Jim Dinsmore and his team at StruXure So Cal for being named StruXure Dealer of the Year – 2023.

With an array of amazing new products coming out in 2024, StruXure, the premier manufacturer of luxury pergolas and cabanas, looks forward to another outstanding year.

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