Let’s Get Social

A holistic brand ambassador management program to grow your business and StruXure!

Brand Ambassador: The Future is Now

  • Social media continues to grow. In 2021, over 4.26 billion people were using social media worldwide, and that number is expected to increase to nearly 6 billion by 2027.
  • A hired brand ambassador vs. You. Who knows more about our products that all of you?! Why hire an ambassador who you have to teach and monitor, when you, your sales people, your installers, and even your clients know the products best?

Why Do It?

  • The people demand authenticity. It’s easy to spot a fake ambassador these days. Without authenticity (true knowledge and enthusiasm for the products and brand) the ambassador can have the opposite affect – turning people away from your brand instead of getting them excited about it.
  • Word of mouth is highly influential. Word of mouth can spread like wildfire. Take control of the messaging.
  • Improve your own marketing efforts. As your face and name become more recognized you will see your network grow, and your marketing reach expand.
  • It’s free! And the best part is…it’s free. No fees to outsiders, no product giveaways in “trade” for an endorsement.

How StruXure Will Support You

  • Training if you want it. We are not only expanding our social media module in our monthly training to include tips, tricks, and inspiration to bolster your own social media channels, but we will bring in self-made brand ambassadors – like TimberTech Jeff who you are about to meet – to provide motivation.
  • Content suggestions and assets. We brought on a corporate photographer / videographer this summer, and he has already criss-crossed the country getting amazing content that all of us can use and benefit from.
  • Fun incentives. To keep things interesting, we will be offering some fun contests and prizes for your creativity and consistency.

Challenges & Rewards

  • We will sponsor periodic challenges on StruXure.com
  • Next year at the Dealer Summit Gala we will showcase our Ambassador Winners
  • Expect to receive rewards in the form of swag, gift cards, and a few surprises along the way!

Start Today

  • Go to Instagram on your smart phone. If you have an account, add another. If you don’t, create an account.
  • Use @StruXure_[your name of choice]
  • Begin creating and adding content

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