Invest Your Tax Return in Your Own Backyard with an Struxure Outdoor

Close-up under peak of pergola with blue sky and white clouds visible through opened louvers

Home improvements call for home improvement budgets, which can mean months (sometimes years) of savings. Fortunately, you may soon be receiving a cash windfall that can help boost your home improvement budget. In 2017, 83% of Americans who filed a tax return received a refund. Large or small, your tax return is a great way to fund that list of home improvements that will improve your home’s livability and appeal.

Invest in Outdoor Living

The most recent Home Trends Design Survey released by the American Institute of Architects states that 70% of the 500 surveyed architecture firms reported an increase in requests for outdoor living from clients, resulting in six consecutive years of increase in this area of home improvement. The concept of outdoor living is resulting in a new and different kinds of home additions. Outside spots with a grill and picnic table are being replaced with multiple spacious outdoor areas that flow together, similar to an open floor plan in a home’s interior. One great way to create a single cohesive outdoor area is to cover or connect your outdoor living spaces with an Struxure roof.

Invest in Your Personal Enjoyment

Reward yourself for all your hard work by investing your tax return right in your own backyard. Adding an Struxure roof to your outdoor area will create a personal oasis that you, your family, and friends can enjoy at the end of a hard work day, every weekend, and each holiday! Think of how busy you are with your job and activities. Don’t you deserve a space to enjoy some rest and relaxation? Of course you do and with an Struxure roof you can create your own style of resort living, right in your backyard.

Invest in an Struxure Roof

Struxure outdoor come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect product for your yard. We can match your home’s architectural design or create a unique complementary style. From simple, modern designs to ornate, elaborate structures, an Struxure roof will add character and visual interest to your outdoor space while also serving a functional purpose. You can relax in the shade or open your structure’s louvers to varying angles to let in different amounts of light.

Call Struxure today! Together we can create a beautiful, durable louvered roof to fit your budget.