Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining

When you love to entertain, you leave nothing to chance, even things you can’t control…like the weather.

Project Name: Jupiter Oasis

Location: Jupiter, Florida

Dealer: Absolute Outdoor Living

Product: Beige, Pergola X – Pivot 6

When retired couple Angela and Julius moved from New York to Florida, they found the perfect newly built home in a developing neighborhood. They were inspired by the home’s modern architecture, and envisioned entertaining friends poolside. But there was a catch. As the years ticked by, they learned to alter the timing of their get-togethers, in order to avoid the relentless sun beating into their backyard. Not even a dip in the pool could save an outdoor party during the hottest times of the day. Tired of compromising, Julius and Angela set out to find a shade structure that would offer protection, yet not look like an afterthought. The Pergola X was the ultimate solution. Not only could they customize the color and style to match their home, but it solved their conflict with the elements. They can angle the louvers for shade, open them for air circulation, or fully close them during unexpected Florida rain showers. The Pergola X not only rejuvenated this couple’s love of outdoor entertaining, but they’ve started a trend among their neighbors, several of whom now own their own Pergola X.

“We love to entertain…I’m having company today and we’ll be sitting out here having appetizers and drinks.  If it happens to sprinkle, which is does in Florida, it will close and we can still be sitting under here.  I’m very, very happy with my StruXure.”

– Angela B.