Time-Out in the Shade

Their outdoor space was almost perfect—pool, spa, and even a basketball court! If only there was a covered area to provide shade. That’s where the Pergola X came in.

Project Name: Shade + Privacy
Location: Merrick, NY
Dealer: Coastal Construction / StruXure Long Island
Product: Pergola X, Pivot, White frame w/Gray Louvers

When you have a swimming pool and a basketball court on your property, it’s not a surprise that your house is the preferred gathering place in the neighborhood. And these homeowners were more than happy to host get-togethers, but there was one problem: not enough shade and privacy for family and guests. The solution became the Pergola X by StruXure. The bespoke white and gray, two-zone system is equipped with recessed LED lighting, a contemporary fan, a motorized screen, and even two heaters for colder months. A one-step cornice adds design flair to the pergola, as do the modern, matching gray aluminum outdoor sconces. Now there’s plenty of covered space to step out of the sun after an exciting game of hoops or a day by the pool. The protected area can even be used for nighttime festivities, rain or shine.

“A great product and a great team took our
patio to the next level.”

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