The Perfect Outdoor “Room”

Adding a Pergola X to their home gave this midwest couple the protection from the elements they’d always wanted; incorporating retractable screens turned the space into the perfect outdoor room.

Project Name: Abundant Angles
Location: Houston, Ohio
Dealer:  StruXure Outdoor Ohio
Product: Bronze, Pergola X – Pivot 6

In need of a covered space in which to enjoy more outdoor activities with family, this couple was told by several contractors that their multi-angled patio and house façade would require replacing an exterior wall of their home in order to fit a shade structure. Unwilling to take on such a major renovation, but fearing there were no other options, Keith and Barb hesitantly met with a StruXure Outdoor Ohio representative. They took the time to learn how the Pergola X can be fitted to any outdoor space, made possible by taking custom measurements for each unique project, and that despite the eight 45-degree angles that had to be addressed, they could absolutely have a Pergola X constructed without changing the home’s exterior walls. They could even add stacked cornices to make the angles pop. Before they were finished, they had also added retractable screens, which come in handy on windy days. Now Barb and Keith not only feel like they have an extra room for energetic grandchildren to play in, but they have a protected area to watch a passing rain storm—one of their favorite pastimes.

“A great product and a great team took our
patio to the next level.”

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