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Why cover just one area of your backyard when you can create multiple sheltered zones, like a welcoming outdoor kitchen and a stylish poolside cabana.

Project Name: Desert Cool
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Dealer: Home Impressions, Inc.
Product: Bronze/Tan, Pergola X – Pivot 6

In search of a covering for his outdoor kitchen, and a cabana-style shelter to place next to his pool, this homeowner wanted a product that could withstand powerful wind gusts and the harsh desert sun all with a low-maintenance profile. Did such a product even exist? Not only does it exist, but the Pergola X by StruXure has pivoting louvers that can be easily activated using a handheld device, to block out the sun or allow for satisfying air flow. The louvers will also close on their own when rain is detected, or open automatically during wind storms. The sturdy pergolas are made of extruded aluminum, with a powder coating in a variety of colors, which made it easy to coordinate the structures with the design of the home. With added lights and fans, it’s easier than ever to entertain outdoors.

I’m very happy in my home, but when I do decide to move on, it’s safe to say that my Pergola X systems will be a major selling feature.

-Jim B.

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