Highly Functional and Beautiful

Shade that can be adjusted at the touch of a button, with a pleasant breeze from an overhead fan. We’ve just described the perfect setting for enjoying a summer day.

Project Name: Lake Erie Adjacent

Location: Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio

Dealer: StruXure Outdoor Ohio

Product: White frame with beige louvers, Pergola X – Pivot

When your backyard faces a Lake Erie channel, you have a head start on a great outdoor space. That’s why Rob and Barbara wanted a shade structure that wouldn’t compete with their waterside home, but instead would integrate with it. They chose the sleek lines of a minimalist Pergola X in dual tones to complement the architecture of their house and provide the backdrop for quiet times, as well as larger gatherings. Barbara has, in fact, been recognized for throwing one of the best 4thof July parties in the neighborhood, so it was clear why having a substantial covered area would be advantageous for accommodating groups of all sizes. Rob and Barbara couldn’t be happier with the functionality and sleekness of their smart Pergola X, and look forward to enjoying it for years to come.

“When the building inspector came out to sign off on it, he was so impressed he wanted to know who had built it, because he said he wanted one as well.”

– Barbara H.