Crab Cakes Al Fresco

This famous eatery in Baltimore decided to up its outdoor seating game during the pandemic, turning a summer picnic arrangement into classy, all-season outdoor patio dining by adding a Pergola X.

Project Name: Jimmy’s Famous Seafood
Location: Baltimore, MD
Dealer: Outdoor Solutions Pros
Product: Pergola X, Pivot XL, Bronze

Described by some as “a legacy,” this well-known seafood restaurant and bar on the eastern edge of Baltimore has stayed true to its founder’s vision: to serve the best seafood in town. Established in 1974 by Jimmy Minadakis, and now run by his sons, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood has long been known for its steak and crab cakes, along with several other iconic crustacean delights. With seating for 320 inside, some were surprised when the Minadakis brothers added outdoor seating a few years ago; however, it was meant to be used for summer crab fests and fundraisers, signified by picnic tables and a lack of protection from the elements. Fast-forward to 2020, when restaurants closed down entirely in the Spring as authorities raced to curb the pandemic, and that outdoor space took on a whole new significance. With a need to turn it into a more comfortable, every-season space, tables and chairs were brought in, along with heaters and a pivoting louvered system by StruXure. Now, whether or not indoor seating is permitted, and regardless of the wait time, patrons are choosing to sit outside under the new Pergola X. Crab cakes al fresco, yes please!

Our customers love it; it’s the hotspot for every night of the week. Everybody wants to sit outside!

– Robert Parker. GM of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood.

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