Colonnade For Shade

Customized wrapped columns that match the home’s existing architecture is just one of the advantages that made the Pergola X a design win for these homeowners.

Project Name: Wrapped Column Home
Location: Old Westbury, NY
Dealer: Coastal Construction / StruXure Long Island
Product: Pergola X, Pivot 6, All White

The stage was set for the perfect patio: a man-made river with koi pond terminus, Old Westbury is known for its stately homes and traditional architecture. It’s also not unusual to find a swimming pool and pool house as backyard staples in Old Westbury neighborhoods. What may be missing , however, from these grand properties is a shade structure. Such was the case for this family who had abundant sunlight hitting their back patio. They found themselves squeezing into the pavilion by the pool just to get some relief from the blazing sun. Realizing that an off-the-shelf pergola was not going to work for them, they discovered the Pergola X by StruXure. Not only could it be attached to their home, making it accessible as soon as they stepped out of their living room via French doors, but it could be designed to match the architecture of their home. Existing columns along the home’s façade were matched by enveloping standard 6”x6” posts with 16”x16” traditional column wraps. The addition of LED lights and two fans make using the pergola even more pleasant. Now, whether this Long Island family is hosting gatherings or hanging out together, they’ve created the perfect setting for times when they need a little shade.

“A great product and a great team took our
patio to the next level.”

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