Cliffside Lounge

Even a patio off a private home in the Coastal Santa Cruz Mountains could benefit from some extra shade.

Project Name: K House

Location: Boulder Creek, CA

Dealer: StruXure Central Coast

Product: Pergola X, Pivot 6, Bronze Frame w/Adobe Louvers

The stage was set for the perfect patio: a man-made river with koi pond terminus, scattered natural boulders, and unobstructed views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. But the strong sun rays that blazed across the expansive veranda required the addition of a shade structure. StruXure Central Coast worked closely with landscape designers and engineers to offer optimal placement of a Pergola X system for this client. Locating the Pergola X at the edge of the cliffside property not only optimized the patio area, but placed covered seating in one of the most view-friendly locations on the premises. This, however, meant avoiding the enormous boulders to maintain the integrity of the landscape, while also meeting cliffside safety measures. Surprisingly, what turned out to be the biggest challenge was managing the unexpected, which included pandemic shutdowns and a natural disaster evacuation caused by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. In the end, the collaborative team persevered and the beautiful result has more than made up for any challenges along the way.

“A great product and a great team took our patio to the next level.”