Beyond Expectations

What started out as a replacement for a small, hard-to-maintain wooden pergola, expanded to cover a sprawling backyard patio.

Project Name: Bye Bye Bee House

Location: New Bremen, Ohio

Dealer: StruXure Outdoor Ohio

Product: Bronze, Pergola X – Pivot 6

Frustration had grown for the owners of this rural Ohio home. The protection they’d hoped for from a wooden pergola at the edge of their patio was not being delivered, not to mention the wood was hard to maintain and seemed to attract bees. An advertisement led Rod and Marlene to check out the Pergola X, and the more they learned about the automated pivoting louvers, the low maintenance powder-coated aluminum, and special options, like cornices and colors, they were sold. In fact, they were so impressed by the functionality that instead of just replacing their existing wooden pergola, they expanded the project to cover a larger area of their patio. StruXure Outdoor Ohio helped the couple choose a two-step cornice upper trim option that looked almost identical to the stacked molding in their patio-adjacent kitchen. Now they have a cozy outdoor space that provides shade and protection beyond expectations…and no more bees.

“We were impressed with how quickly it went up…I think it was like a week, or week-and-a-half, and it was up and installed. The quality is amazing. It has definitely increased our home value.”

– Rod and Marlene K.