Turquoise blue pool in foreground and 2-story white house with single level wood clad add-on in background and tropical landscaping framing view

The best collaborations are those that elevate already great products to a whole new level. Such is the case for the Somfy / StruXure Outdoor alliance. Somfy is the celebrated designer of the most sought after quiet and connected motors, mobile apps, and smart communications solutions on the market. StruXure is the industry leader in the creation of luxury pergola systems. Together, the two companies have teamed up to provide an outdoor living solution that isn’t just functional, but unparalleled.



The interlocking louvered-roof structures by StruXure Outdoor have always offered both a manual and electronic option for opening and closing the louvers. But by adding Somfy’s motor—a low-audible powerhouse—and user-friendly app, the bar has definitely been raised. Somfy’s app puts the operational controls at the user’s fingertips through any smart device, making it even easier to program and operate the StruXure system. And the Somfy motor and controls aren’t just for moving the pergola’s louvers. Screens, fans, lighting, and heaters can also be added and operated by the Somfy app, turning your outdoor area into another living space for your home. 


Outdoor Living Game-Changer

Who doesn’t want to increase the usable square footage of their home and enjoy year-round outdoor activities? By adding the Somfy-powered StruXure pergola to your home, entertaining or relaxing alfresco in a protected-from-the-elements environment will be viable during any season. Playful children don’t have to be cooped up inside. Tight dining space can suddenly be expanded. An evening of star-gazing is right outside your door. The possibilities are endless. It’s a game-changer in how to make the most of outdoor living.


People are Talking

But don’t just take our word for it. Clients across the country are already realizing the benefits of this collaboration, and are more than happy to talk about it. Take Barbara in Ohio, who saw the integrated products in action on social media and immediately called for an appointment. Barb and her husband Keith, who are now staying dry as they sit outside watching a passing rainstorm, were impressed by the quick and painless construction process, seamless design, and the bonus of being able to add screens to their structure and operate the entire system with ease. Susan in Washington raves “the silent motorized louvers provide a means for sun or shade—it’s our call, [and] with the ever-changing winds and rains here in Seattle, our new sanctuary is a place for us to rest and recharge or energize with friends, regardless of the weather.”The Somfy / StruXure Outdoor collaboration even has building inspectors asking where they can get their own StruXure pergola with a Somfy motor and app. 


For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact your local StruXure dealer today.