Furnishing Your Patio

Less angled view of white traditional pergola over red-cushioned patio furniture

Having a covered patio is like adding a whole new room to your home! And with an adjustable patio cover, you can let in the light by opening the louvers or enjoy shade and (thanks to the built-in gutter system) rain protection when the roof is closed. Arcadia roof systems even come with rain detection so they’ll automatically close when the drops hit! The protective closed-roof option that you get with an adjustable cover opens up a world of outdoor decorating possibilities.

Normally, with an uncovered or partly covered patio, there are many limits to the type of furniture you can put outside. You may recruit a simple wooden picnic table or some uncomfortable cast aluminum creations to sit in. Chair cushions and umbrellas on an uncovered patio have to be brought inside or tied down to save them from the elements.

With an adjustable patio cover, like an Arcadia roof or a do-it-yourself adjust-a-pergola, there’s no need to drag in your comfortable furnishings when the sky starts to get cloudy. Bulky table umbrellas will be a thing of the past as your new patio cover will keep your space cool and shady whenever you want, withstanding even hurricane strength winds during rough weather. Cushions, partially upholstered furniture and even pillows finished in indoor/outdoor fabric will stay looking as good as new for years under the water-tight, wind-resistant Arcadia patio cover. With the shade-shedding cover overhead, fabrics won’t get bleached by the sun or mildewed by the rain. Brightly painted wood and wicker furniture won’t be prone to chipping and fading and table tops will stay smooth and unsoiled.

Finally you can bring the colors and styles that you cherish inside your home to your outdoor space and retain your ability to bask in the sunlight too. You can enjoy deck or patio time even on a rainy day, experience al fresco dining without the hassle of hauling out good outdoor chairs and express your personality on your porch with added décor options. When you install an adjustable patio cover, your home really does gain a bonus room… only sunnier.