White house with outdoor patio covered by a louvered roof pergola that is protecting a gray couch, wood slat coffee table and outdoor fireplace

What do National Watermelon Day, National Book Lovers’ Day, and National Relaxation Day all have in common? Well, besides sounding like a figment of someone’s imagination, these actually are all documented celebratory days in the month of August, and they can all be observed from the comfort of your home. 


Wait a minute! Do we really need a calendar to give us permission to relax? No, but it’s a fun reminder that taking time out from your busy summer schedule is not just okay, but worth celebrating. In fact, there are many summertime activities we can do at home that require very little effort.


Photography Challenge

Take a stroll around your yard or neighborhood and look at it with fresh eyes. Challenge your family members, or just yourself, to find a photo-worthy detail or scene that could be used in a social media collage or to adorn a wall in your house. You never know what artsy nugget is waiting for you in plain sight.


Crafting with Kids

Set up a craft table outside, preferably under cover to provide sun protection (go to www.struxure.comfor inspiration), and spend the morning or afternoon getting your creative juices flowing. Paint flowerpots for your own use, or that can later be shared with neighbors or friends to brighten their day. Or use stickers and markers to decorate pages that can serve as the backdrop for your favorite recipes. Keep them in a binder and add to the project each season. 


Create a Reading Nook

Despite your desire to sit down with a good book, it’s easy to get distracted if you don’t have a “go to” place to settle into. Take some time to create a comfortable reading environment that practically calls out to you as you pass by. During the colder months, it might be a heap of cushions near a fireplace, but in the summer, why not take a seat outdoors. Spread a cool, cotton sheet over a lounge chair on your shaded deck, or hang a hammock between two poles or trees in your yard. Being in nature, regardless of the activity, has been proven to lift one’s mood and reduce stress.


Spit Those Seeds

Okay, so spitting may not be on your list of what to teach your toddler, but watermelon seed spitting is loads of harmless fun, and there’s no better time to do than in the heat of summer. Chill a ripe watermelon, establish your rules and boundaries, and let the seeds fly. Clean-up is easy, and usually involves nothing more than a working hose.


You get the idea. The bottom line is to take advantage of the dog days of summer to gear down and, like the silly calendars suggest, find a reason to celebrate…ANYTHING. And in case you were wondering, National Relaxation Day is August 15th!