Dine Al Fresco this Valentine’s Day…and Year Round

Backyard with A-frame beige pergola attached to back of beige home with star on exterior wall

One of the most popular things to do on Valentine’s Day is to enjoy a meal with your special someone. Make your Valentine’s Day meal extra special this year with al fresco dining.

Dine Al Fresco at Home

While many couples may go out for their Valentine’s Day meal, why not skip the lines, traffic, and crowds and enjoy a special evening right in your own backyard? Prepare a home cooked meal (or order take-out/delivery) and spend the evening with the person you love. Regardless of the weather, you will be protected from the elements and can control the temperature of your outdoor seating area with integrated heating, cooling, and ceiling fans when you have an Arcadia louvered roof. Add curtains, privacy walls, and accent lighting to create your ideal outdoor living area. Adjust the louvers to allow in just the right amount of sun, open them up to look at the stars, or close them completely for full rain protection. You can even do it with your smartphone! Why not get the best table any time you want and never be rushed out of a restaurant again?

Does Your Restaurant Offer Al Fresco Dining?

Are you slammed with reservations for Valentine’s Day? Do you wish you had more tables to accommodate the demand? Today’s dining patrons want an experience, and al fresco dining offers a more causal yet festive atmosphere with gorgeous views.

  • Extra Seating = Increased ROI: Patio seating is a smart decision for many businesses and usually provides a quick return on investment. Additional seating leads to an increased number of meals served each night, thus improving your bottom line. Plus, an outdoor dining area is generally more comfortable and relaxed, encouraging more wine, beer and liquor to be consumed which can lead to higher ticket prices.
  • Added Ambiance: Natural outdoor decor means you won’t need to invest as much on décor and table decoration but you should consider adding fire and water features as well as multiple sources of lighting (candles, lanterns, hanging lights, etc.)
  • Free Advertising: An outdoor patio can increase your establishment’s visibility and exposure. Plus, a happily active patio is an excellent advertisement to passersby.

No need to be concerned about weather affecting your patio space. By covering your outdoor dining area with an Arcadia louvered roofing system you can ensure that regardless of the weather or the sun’s rays, your patio will attract patrons year-round, making it one of your city’s top dining destinations. You can also add fans and heating/cooling units to more fully control the atmosphere of your space.

Enjoy this Valentine’s Day (and every day) under and Arcadia louvered roof. Contact us today for a free quote.